Spielberg Movie “Implosion” Comment: Why He’s Making a Halo TV Series

DailyGame: "Steven Spielberg just predicted the “implosion” of the movie industry, a comment that may explain why Spielberg is working on a Halo TV series."

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Sharius1889d ago

long version:......bla......bla.... ..bla

short version: for money

Belking1889d ago

of course he will get paid. Is he supposed to do it for free? Halo is huge. No other shooter out there can touch it in popularity.

Hadoukameha1889d ago

CoD does better financially and is a better game. Get with it.

Godmars2901889d ago

Point is there's getting paid to use your talents, then there's getting paid to exploit your name.

Snookies121889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Yes he's getting money, of course he would, you do a job you get paid. That's how society works. We're talking a LOT of money though. You think he would do this for anything less than a HUGE amount? No. He doesn't care about games, he doesn't care about Halo. He cares about what kind of money he can make off this. It has nothing to do with how great Halo is.

FlyingFoxy1889d ago

Have you never heard of Half Life? i don't care what anyone says, but Valve's games are much better in the quality department than Halo, popularity doesn't tell the full story.

elhebbo161889d ago

Half life? BF? heck even CoD?

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3-4-51889d ago

People like him rip on whatever they aren't involved with...because of their ego and because if they aren't doing it..." it must not be good enough "

Typical arrogant rich person

Hadoukameha1889d ago

He is a hypocritical retard, bashing gaming then taking on one of the biggest names in it. I'd like to sock that talentless greedy dick.

Toadsanime1889d ago

You're annoying at him for what, exactly?

Belking1889d ago

Because he's a fanboy that takes everything personal.

Mikefizzled1889d ago

Greedy yes, Dick perhaps but talentless? Nope.

Hadoukameha1889d ago

@Belking: Fanboy? Gamig is my hobby and is a legitimate art form. That overrated faggot has done nothing special.

Greedy definitely, dickvyes, talentless obviously. Crystal Skulls anyone? Not that any Indy was more than mediocre but that was a film tragedy.

Mikelarry1889d ago

@ hadou exactly what i was going to say

chrisgay1889d ago

I really don't see the hypocrisy in this. Spielberg considers gaming to be an inadequate storytelling medium so is telling a story (arguably one that was born from years of movie industry influence) with what he considers to be a better medium.

The man is incredibly talented. In regards to his more recent output, it seems the gaming community is quick to remember Crystal Skull and Transformers but quick to forget War Horse, Lincoln, Munich and Band of Brothers.

One of the greatest filmmakers of all time, who played an incomprehensible role in shaping both the movie industry and in turn, the video game industry. To deem him talentless off the back of just one of his gargantuan and consistent filmography and a quote you have either not read or understood is a tragedy.

Hadoukameha1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

You refuse to see the hypocrisy. Of course the baker will tell the butcher that pie is better than pork, it's bias, and in Spielberg's case probably jealousy. Recent video game stories have trumped his recent works, both critically and commercially, thus his childish lowblow. I could bet he is not even a gamer, so how could he even make an all encompassing comment in ignorance?

His corny old movies fail to impress today like they did in simple years of a bygone generation. Drake has more depth than Indy. It's over, only his fans will side with Spielberg's work, and movie buffs who value the medium more than gaming.

He had a much smaller role in shaping gaming than you think; you should rather credit Miyamoto, Inafune, and Sakaguchi.

Gaming is actually a superior medium through which to tell a story, as you are involved. A film never brought me to tears like TWD did, and it alone proved gamings superiority to film. I never shed tears, but it forced me and every emotion wielding human who played.

This is just a classic example of polar opposite opinions. Anyway, I give you one hbing, Lincoln was a great film. But it stands alone among his recent works, IMO, and it irks me to see his old films praised so highly.

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Der_Kommandant1889d ago

So he's basically a prostitute

LOGICWINS1889d ago

Just like the other 95% of people who work jobs they aren't passionate about for a paycheck? Someones on their high horse today.

nevin11889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

"Why He’s Making a Halo TV Series"

$$$$$$$$$$$$................. .......... And Publicity.

StinkiWan1889d ago

Of course it's for money. What's interesting is that he's putting his chips behind a game console and franchise for money this time rather than a movie theater. It's not that he's looking to make some's how he's choosing to make it.

SegaSaturn6691889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Hopefully Spielberg will channel the powers that created the animaniacs; and Pinky and the Brain to make this halo debacle into a series of hilarious hand animated shorts.

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