Why you should buy a PS4 instead of an XBOX One

PS4Home: "We’re quickly approaching the fall/winter holiday season and yet another major series of video game console releases, as always, the issue is – “which one do I purchase?“

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shadyiswin2007d ago

pointless misinformed article lol,the used games policy is the exact same for both.

-Mika-2007d ago

The site is called ps4home. They are obviously going to be misinformed or biased.

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PirateThom2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

No, no it's not. That's misinformation.

Sony's is left up the the publisher. There's nothing at system or network level preventing it unless the publisher sets it up themselves and it doesn't stop trading/lending/selling or hurt small retailers unless a publisher makes their own version of what Microsoft did (which many will not/cannot afford to).

Microsoft's is based around "licenced partners" and one time personal trading/lending/selling, there's a centralised system at a hardware/network level that is "opt out" rather than "opt in" and is basically handing larger trade in stores keys to the kingdom.

So, no, not the same at all.

shadyiswin2006d ago

whos to say microsfts system wont wor in mom pop stores? im sure its as simple as a machine connected to the internet that verfies a game it could perhaps be an xbox one itself,i wouldnt count out small stores so fast,and it makes sense. either way everything will be all digital in a few years anyways,some one had to lead the charge.

shadyiswin2007d ago

so why bother to repost it here,this site is obviously bias hope all you sony fans speak up with your wallet,you didnt last generation which is why all your exclusives didnt sell and are headed to xbox one :p

NatureOfLogic2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I bet you wish all of this Xbox one negativity was n4g exclusive. It's everywhere, go look.

Edit: And stop acting like it's all Sony fans going around saying they don't want Xbox one. Everyone has their own opinion on the subject. Don't complaining if they don't want an Xbox one just because that's your choice.

Kanzes2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Not everywhere, in some sites, yes. But most of people whose are open-minded, they will pointed out the plus and the minus of both consoles. Not just look the other way because it is his favorite console.

You know, even PS4 isn't perfect. They lack of exclusivity and Sony finally bring out what people hate for, pay for play online. Maybe some of you would say "We got discounts and free games." well, so is XBL from now on, they got 2 games which isn't a rental like PS+.

As for Xbox One, you guys already know all the flaws. The DRM, Kinect thing, and Used games policy which are a really bad move for MS.

All I can say is, there's still a long road ahead for both consoles. We don't know what will happen next.

shadyiswin2006d ago

oh i know the hate is wide spread but this is the same site claiming the ps move is out selling the kinect 2:1, as more and more days past after e3 people are starting to wonder where are the games for the ps4,people are saying no to the xb1 and wait to ps4 yet in my store people are trying to pre-order the xb1,the simple fact it has a new kinect is enough for most people. People well hardcore gamers forget the kinect set a world record for sales,it is that important to there marketing strategy,also once people understand how lending sharing and trading works im sure it wont be a big deal,i didnt care about it at first cause i only buy new games and or marked down games but now as i read more about it,i think its awesome,the fact i can have 10 ppl labeled as "family members" and we can check in and out other games kind of makes all the drm hate to me seem way over blown. Since i have friend who has like 60 xbox games,cant wait to add him as a family member lol

Snookies122007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Stop trolling please. Thanks.

The reason why "exclusives" on PS3 are heading to Xbox One is simple and has nothing to do with sales. (I'm guessing you mean things like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts?) The developers simply didn't like working with the 360. With a more powerful system out (Xbox One), they're okay with putting their games on that platform because it won't hold back their PS4 versions like it would have on PS3 this generation.

Not that I have anything against the 360. It's a great console, I've owned 2 of them in fact. Just stating that in these particular cases Kojima-san and Nomura-san already said they didn't like working for the 360 hardware.

shadyiswin2006d ago

um no,it's for money,it is always for money my friend,they are aware the xbox one will offer residual income,a first in console history and the best part its gamestop who pays the fee to delevopers not us! they're metal gears and ff's on xbox 360 and that's complete b/s cause everyone says the xbox hardware was easy to delevop for which explains why multi platforms ran better on xbox,and how the ps3 cell processor was a nightmare.

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Ko_Uraki2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Everytime that I read an article similar to this, I preorder a XBOX ONE

urwifeminder2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

No thanks I would not even consider it.