New Alone in the Dark trailer

Atari just released a new trailer in Central Park for Alone in the Dark on Xbox 360 en PlayStation 3.

Developed by Eden Games, Alone in the Dark will propel the survival horror genre into the future with the new level of available technology that allows for unprecedented advances in gameplay and unmatched action-orientated gaming experiences in wide-open environments.

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green3220d ago

well already getting this game on day one.Its really going to be good

meepmoopmeep3220d ago

i am so hyped for this game. i hope the gameplay looks and feels as awesome as what we've all seen.

games4fun3220d ago

i am getting this game it looks great the gameplay video from a few weeks ago already had me wanting it

decapitator3219d ago

Looks interesting. I will check it out at least.

kingme713219d ago

I don't think I can throw a bottle and shoot it out of the air... I better practice up.

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