Sony Capitalizes on Microsoft’s Xbox One Marketing Fail

Console gaming used to be for the nerds (much love to my people) and the geeks. Fortunately for everyone, the gamer identity has become mainstream. Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s Playstation 3, and Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U have essentially brought gaming to the masses. Gaming is more popular on Facebook and other online platforms as well. Not to mention the fact that the average age of gamers according to Kotaku is anywhere between 30 and 37, depending on who you ask and how you define gamer.

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blackbeld2006d ago

"Console gaming used to be for the nerds (much love to my people) and the geeks."


I always been a console gamer since I was 12.

The NES was my first console and I loved it. Followed by SNES, PS1, N64,PS2,xbox,PS3.

Now finally the PS4 will be my next.

3-4-52006d ago

Gaming hasn't been just for nerds since the early 80's, it's just taken this long for most people to realize it.

10% of people always think they know what is cool or what is good, but a lot of the time those people aren't intelligent, they just talk a lot, so a lot of misinformation and rumors get started and before you know it.......

"Games are for kids" ......

O really? you idiot non-gamers ?

Dee_912006d ago

Marketing fail? more policy fail.

SilentNegotiator2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )



MythicalBlade2006d ago

Here is what Microsoft should do to earn back the respect of gamers.

1. Cancel the Xbox One

2. Release all Microsoft first party titles on PS4!

NameRemoved00172006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

For option 2 it would make more sense to release them all on PC on GFWL since they still technically own Windows just as much as the xbone.

Serg2006d ago

Not an option since GFWL is arguably even worse than XBox One... technically it is an option, but not one to gain them any favours.

MWH2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

lol, that my friend will most definitely materialize your avatar.

Docknoss2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

You do realize if xbox gets out the game Sony doesn't have to try nearly as hard right. Do everyone a favor and stop thinking your opinion is an intelligent one.

Serg2006d ago

Thanks to Microsoft, the biggest megaton news out of this E3 was... nothing has changed on Sonys side. How exactly is it good, that they make every game showing, every hardware showing, every innovation showcase seem secondary to the fact that the PS4 will have the same policies as the PS3? With the exception of now having to pay to play multiplayer, for which they are also to blame?

Docknoss2006d ago

@Serg-Do you realize how much it costs to develop a game? DRM is something every developer wants, why bc Redbox, Gamestop, and, Borrowing are causing good developers to shut down. Look up the developers that have closed they're doors in the past two years. You think the DRM is ruining game but its actually going to keep it operating. Sony has to pay developers to not use DRM and if MS hasn't of gas so much negative back feed they would have too. Bc they had a patent made up specifically for DRM. If you were a developer would you want to develop for a company where you only received revenue from games sold and DLC.

hakesterman2006d ago

Another failed attempt at makeing a worthy gaming post here on N4G. Nothing here is even remotely interesting or the Truth. A waist of internet space to say the least.

Docknoss2006d ago

It really is, and now that school is out due the summer there is allot more ignorant post. Its said really