Zindagi Games’ 2013 PS4 Motion Game to Have Online Multiplayer, Job Suggests

We here at PSLS have been closely following Zindagi Games for a while, being the first to let you know that they had outed the PS4′s release date for 2013 and that they were working on a next gen motion title. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2013d ago

Sports Champions 3 is a good bet.

sinncross2012d ago

I hope they add Sony character items for custimization of your character.

Like wearing Drakes shirt, or having ratchets boots etc

decimalator2013d ago

I can finally reach out and punch someone on the Internet.

Angeljuice2012d ago

Yes, I just want a boxing game over the net....2 player co-op could have your friend as your coach, repairing damage between rounds and giving advice.