Battlefield 4: Weapon, Class, Gameplay, Customization Info Blowout

Gameranx: "Here's everything we've learned about the weapons, classes, gameplay and customization in Battlefield 4 over E3."

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Nafon1986d ago

there are barely any guns. Its just a pre alpha version.

xxLuckyStrike1986d ago

lol @Nafon

yeah I was being sarcastic

There will be glitches
There will be patches
There will be Nerfing

brich2331986d ago

Do you really want one?

sovietsoldier1986d ago

good, glad its gone along with irnv and frag rounds.

SITH1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Lmao you are worried about the USAS because you have no idea what the XM25 is. And it is in battlefield 4. I suggest you and sovietsoldier look up that weapon. It makes the USAS with frag rounds look like a nerf toy.

I will help you.

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xc7x1986d ago

meaning;it's BF3 all over again except with nicer graphics / destruction

oh and this; "LMGs and sniper rifles will suppress you if they pass near your head so they have better suppressing effects",means still won't kill if it's a direct hit but you get plenty of assist kills lol

Swiggins1986d ago

Not gonna lie...I kinda hate the fact that reloading gets rid of all the other rounds in your mag.

I realize that this is a lot more realistic then drawing from a "well" of bullets...but I don't play games for realism. I habitually reload after every engagement, so this is gonna cripple me.

This really should have been an option for hardcore mode or something instead of being added to the core game.

gamechampion721986d ago

it is an option for only hardcore mode.

Nafon1986d ago

according to levelcap, DICE doesn't really know exactly how this will be implemented yet. He said that it removed the rounds in some guns, but in others, he wouldn't lose any rounds.

xxxsiegezzz1985d ago

I am 70% sure that it will be in hardcore mode only, but i would like to see that also in core game, because it makes reloading much more realistic and more "funner"

And I am 100% sure that it doesn't apply only to some guns as that would be very stupid and would unbalance guns a lot.

titletownrelo1985d ago

gotta say, I think the class models from Battlefield 3 looked more badass, then again...everything else seen in BF4 looks a LOT better.