Top Ten Most Wanted Games of E3 2013

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Just like that, E3 2013 is over. The announcements have been made, the new consoles got their time in the light, and the awkward moments will forever be remembered. We get teased for agonizing months that seem to tick away at a snail's pace, and finally E3 came and it's over faster than the blink of an eye. Regardless, this E3 was one of the best for gamers, as not only were two consoles unveiled almost fully, but we got an enormous amount of new game announcements and new glimpses at already revealed games that we are as giddy as schoolboys.

To cap off our E3 coverage, we have in store for you a list of ten of our most wanted games from the show floor of E3 2013. Many of these games came from left field, while some were previously announced but impressed nonetheless. After we're done broaching about our faves, why not share with us which ten titles excited you most by posting in our comments section?"

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Saksoy2006d ago

I find the list funny for some reason.

3-4-52005d ago

Why...because BF4, Killzone, knack and other PS4 games aren't on it ?

Don't you worry if the public doesn't know of these games....the only thing that matters is that dev's know we like those kinds of games and they will be coming to a sweet console near you this year !

Kevlar0092006d ago

I'm not sure why Destiny isn't number one or close. The fact it's multiplatform, unique and one of the most ambitious titles says to me it should be at the top

You would think Destiny, KillzoneSF, and BF4 would be near the top

Brucis2005d ago

Personal taste. For instance, I'm not to interested in Tropical freeze but I'm interested in X. It's an opinion piece.

Munnkyman2005d ago

Destiny wasn't unique though it reminded me of borderlands.

MisfitsInc2006d ago

for me, The Division, MGSV, Killzone Shadow Fall

IcicleTrepan2005d ago

I don't think most people want any of those nintendo games.

Brucis2005d ago

Don't speak for other people. Smash Bros. alone is generating hype.

RiPPn2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Yeah to many Nintendo titles on this list. I'm even a fan of Nintendo franchises, but is Mario Kart that anticipated when 7 was just released on the 3DS. And Mario 3D World just seems like more of the recent 3DS game. Then you have Donkey Kong Country when they again just released the 3DS version of returns. This just feels tired to me.

For me it would be:
1. Destiny
2. Infamous: Second Son
3. Metal Gear Solid V
4. Final Fantasy XV
5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
6. Puppeteer
7. South Park: The Stick of Truth
8. Tearaway
9. Tom Clancy's: The Division
10. Watch Dogs

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The story is too old to be commented.