State of Decay Review (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "I’m going to be straight to the point, the story is by far the weakest part of SoD, and this is a shame. Being an Xbox Live Arcade title the game itself is limited to being no more than 2GB in size. This means we are going to have to put up with poor texturing in terms of the visuals. We will have to make do with what can only be described as hideous audio effects (other than the music, which is good), anyway, you get my point. We know that as an XBLA game, there have to be sacrifices, but those sacrifices would have been fine if the story was more engaging, more believable."

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Murad2011d ago

Is this review legitimate? The title from what I've heard received countless scores that ranged from 7-10, and dude gave it a 5? That makes very little sense.

jetlian2010d ago

he isn't a normal dude If you know what I mean. Game is decent, I got it day one. He's worried more about the story than survival.

Im getting tired of these fake @$$ gamers

Murad2010d ago

Funny thing is, I believe the person who disagreed with me was the author. And I totally agree; there are so many gamers who seem to just insult games, even though the only thing they seem to play is very boring CoD games or are those party type of gamers who just like to play with their friends, or while they are completely drunk and can't understand what's going on during a game.

Typical-Guy2011d ago

The game is really cool and all but it's the glitchiest and buggiest shit I've ever played. It's like it has never been tested at all!

Shadonic2011d ago

From what I heard it was a small team of 22 people working on it and considering how ambitious they went and how the games open world there was bound to be some glitches. I've found bugs and glitches in skyrim thing is it doesn't completely destroy it for me because its fun.

Murad2010d ago

They did say they were fixing it bud. The glitches would are annoying, but I'm pretty sure it isn't game-breaking.

jasona19802009d ago

LOL. I actually have the game now... looking forward to playing it later to see if it really is that bad!

r40k2132010d ago

I don't see why the reviewer was crying about DayZ. It really isn't THAT great.

biRdy2010d ago

Coming from a indie studio of only 22 employees this game is amazing. The reviewer has no idea was hes talking about, he bashing the small story when its not even the games main focus. (Left 4 Dead anyone?)A shame this review got approved.

jasona19802010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I'm yet to play it myself...but I too don't like the look of it. Has anyone read the review in full, the author has justified and explained why he scored it below average.

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