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Nintendo: No modern setting for Legend of Zelda anytime soon

Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma says that while a modern setting for a future Zelda title would be interesting he just doesn't see it happening. (3DS, Eiji Aonuma, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

Zodiac  +   593d ago
How would that even work?
secretcode  +   593d ago
Same mechanics, characters, using a different aesthetic and setting.
PopRocks359  +   593d ago
Considering sword/shield combat is kind of outdated in our modern era, no it wouldn't.
lilbroRx  +   593d ago
That wouldn't be Zelda the. It would be Zelda equivalent of Jason X.

It would be better to just make a new I.P. or game series altogether than distort an old one into something it was never meant to be.
secretcode  +   593d ago
@PopRocks359 Make it an era where guns were outlawed or something. I'm sure they have ways where they can bullshit their way into making it semi-believable.
Mr_Nuts  +   593d ago
Poprocks - It may be outdated in reality but you still have to think this will be a modern day version of the Zelda universe so swords and shields could still be used if they made it so they are still a part of their world in combat...I mean they don't have to write guns in the game do they. It's like the Elder Scrolls, it doesn't matter how many years go by they continue to develop more but not in the same way we do.

Remember it's their story, guns don't even have to be invented in there world especially when magic is such a huge part of Zelda's universe. You could see huge glass skyscapers, electric based stuff running on magic but still see horses in the street with guards wearing armor and carrying swords/bows
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knockknockannefrank  +   593d ago
so in modern zelda we put link in the projects and give him small knives to shiv his enemies with
PopRocks359  +   593d ago
From the arguments I'm receiving, it seems like having a modern era Zelda would only be for aesthetics. What's the point of having a modern setting if you expect to continue using swords, shields and magic? That doesn't make much sense to me.

Keeping it subtle, the way Spirit Tracks brought in steam technology for instance, is the way to go, I think. Zelda's medieval fantasy setting is part of what gives the series its imaginative charm.
kirbyu  +   593d ago
How bout Link some how travels through time and ends up in the modern world, so do Zelda and whoever the villain is.
3-4-5  +   593d ago
I dunno...Time travel maybe...Have you ever played a LoZ game ?
Zodiac  +   593d ago
oh, cmon, you know what i mean. Not literally how would he get to a modern setting, but more of what relevancy would any of Link's weapons or anything have in a modern setting?
Xof  +   592d ago
It wouldn't.

The only people who think it would (somehow) have managed to become Zelda fans while at the same time utterly and completely failing to understand the "core element" of the series.

Zelda is and has always been about exploring wilderness.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   593d ago
its a cool concept but a modern zelda would be like a modern day prince of persia it could work but it would obviously lose its soul in the process.
Moonman  +   593d ago
I like Hyrule. :)
isarai  +   593d ago
Who the hell would want that?
Donnieboi  +   593d ago
Yeah, i'm all for innovation and change, but that may be a line that goes too far. Still, if Aonuma wanted to do it, then i'm convinced he has a secret plan to make it work out. Luckily he doesn't wanna do it anyway.
secretcode  +   593d ago
I'd want it just to check out it ended up.

Also because it would make the same franchise purists who got super pissed when Spirit Tracks introduced trains even madder.
Brucis  +   593d ago
Which is funny because trains weren't even the most technologically advanced things to have appeared in a Zelda game. I recall one of the games having a phone, for instance.
secretcode  +   593d ago
Hell, Wind Waker had a GAME BOY as one of the items.
deafdani  +   593d ago
Not to mention full ROBOTS and machinery and fucking AI in Skyward Sword, which, in my opinion, are all a tad more technologically advanced than a steam train... and that game takes place thousands of years before Spirit Tracks.

Lol. XD
Dj7FairyTail  +   593d ago
The Nintendo Haters who want Zelda to be Rated M.
Hadoukameha  +   593d ago
Why you afraid of M Zelda? Nintendo needs to grow up, give us adult men at least some spinoffs.
herbs  +   593d ago
Futuristic Zelda game would be super lame I hope that never happens ever...
Kevlar009  +   593d ago
My fear is it would ruin the fantasy of the series

I'd rather see Monolithsoft make a futuristic exploration/rpg game (which they kind of are already doing) than turning Zelda into one
just-joe  +   593d ago
The farthest I'd be willing to go is steampunk, maybe.
Warj  +   593d ago
There could be some interesting aspects to a more modern or futuristic take, but honestly, I see this along the lines of making Zelda more Mature with an older rating.

I really don't want to see Grand Theft Hyrule with guns.
greatcrusader44  +   593d ago
THe original Legend of Zelda was actually going to take place in both the Hyrules medieval past and its blade runner-istic future, but they abandoned That idea and so should any other new Zelda, a futuristic Zelda wouldn't be Zelda at all.
Mr_Nuts  +   593d ago
It could easily be a spin off, who says it has to be part of the main Zelda games. Maybe this spin off series could put the series in different settings

The Future
Space setting
Another planet/world
The Apocalypses (Like Fallout)
A version where Zelda is evil and Link is tasked to defeat the good guys as her knight
Modern Day

I could go on...

It would be nice to see the series go in new directions while not worrying if it will ruin the main Zelda games
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Hadoukameha  +   593d ago
Fantastic ideas, I considered these also.
Munnkyman  +   593d ago
A steampunk kind of zelda would be neat
linkenski  +   593d ago
As long as the next big Zelda won't be fluff and bunnies like Skyward Sword it's all good. Don't get me wrong, SS is awesome, but the artstyle and the story was a bit too lollipop'ish for me.
We want a dark and gritty game with an epic and daring storyline. There isn't much of it in gaming when it comes to singleplayer games, and Zelda has proven from time to time that it's a franchise that can deliver!
Hadoukameha  +   593d ago
It's inevitable, and is a great idea. I personally cannot wait for such a shake-up in the series.
kirbyu  +   593d ago
Why does it have to be Zelda? How about a different Nintendo game takes place in the modern world. Although, for any other one, "Real world" would be the proper term, except for Metroid.

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