E3 2013: What a difference a year makes for the Vita

From the article, "What I saw amazed me. At E3 2012, the Vita section of Sony’s booth was dead. Demo stations were constantly open, and I had no trouble going from one game to another, testing everything out. There were no lines. No waiting. Not to mention, only a few major releases, like Soul Sacrifice were on display. At E3 2013, the Vita section was hopping."

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sherimae24131640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

ahem... its killzone mercenary not shadow fall, lol ^_^

but its fine you can also play shadow fall on vita via remote play!

but i like this article.. its good to know that some or more of the media is starting to see that the vita "has games" and will continue to flourished in the coming years ^_^

Mariye1640d ago

Sorry about that. I just got back from LA when I wrote this and was looking at the wrong page in my notes. It's been fixed now. :D

starchild1640d ago

Yeah, Vita is looking real good. I think I will get one to go along with my PS4.

PrimeGrime1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I know Sony didn't really announce anything that people wanted to see or new things or IP's people were hoping for but I still thought the Vita's support picked up a lot this year.

Many of these new games announced I am interested in. I know they will keep me busy throughout the year so I am not really worried.

Really cannot wait for KZ:M, Tearaway and Stick it to the man! Among others, still waiting for PSO 2 localization, I'll need to get Marumasa Rebirth and Dragon Crown also.

dragonopt11640d ago

Glad I bought mine, going to be fun playing my PS4 on my Vita during my lunch hour.

xxPillsxx1640d ago

More, more and more good news and support just keep flowing in for Vita, the article is right, the Vita isn't dead yet, it survived, and is now rising from the dark, and soon, will become a shiny star, on the sky, just you wait...

BuffMordecai1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I hope there are some new game announcements at Gamescon. Many games were on display at the show floor but most of the titles had already been announced. Gran Turismo, Motorstorm, Infamous, The Last of Us spin-off, more JRPGs, new IPs, anything would be welcome.

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