New Xbox 360 Slim noise comparison with original Xbox 360 Slim

So yesterday we unboxed the brand new Xbox 360 Slim, designed to look like the Xbox One, and also be lighter, slimmer, and quieter. Today we put that to the test - is it really quieter?

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mushroomwig1984d ago

There's a mistake in the video, you said the new slim has a quieter start-up than the original but you didn't seem to realise that the disc was already in the tray. Of course the new console is going to start up quieter without a disc in the tray.

Arekkz1984d ago

Yeah I realise that the second part of the start up was due to the disc being in the tray, but the initial start up, with or without a disc, is slightly louder.

LackTrue4K1984d ago

@ video, set it on its side when reading the disk!! Lol

tigertron1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

My 2010 slim is silent (except when the disc is in the tray booting up) but it's the power pack that makes the noise.

GamingAngelGabriel1984d ago

You're absolutely right. I didn't even realize this until a few months ago when I put my ear by the power brick and realized THAT was what made all the noise.

Nafon1983d ago

my white xbox 360 is very quiet, except for when it is turned on, in which case it is deafeningly loud.

PurpHerbison1984d ago

I had the first slim and it was LOUD when reading discs.

Ninjamonkey821984d ago

i deem this version the xbone 360 there was nothing wrong with the old model ;). Next thing there will we a windows start up screen :D.

pixelsword1982d ago

Zink! Zink!

Zink! Zink!


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr!

Boy, does that bring back memories... :)