Haze release date scuppered again

Following the announcement yesterday that Ubisoft's PS3 FPS Haze is scheduled for a UK release on May 22nd, the publisher has this morning released a revised release schedule that seemingly back tracks on yesterday's news.

The release date has reverted back to simply 'May', and whist that means a 22ns release might be possible, Ubisoft is no longer committing to it, instead stating that it expects "confirmation of the release date soon".

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MURKERR3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

do this,the more worries ps3 owners have about the quality of this upcoming title,why so many delays was it really that bad? did cod4 make them go back to the drawing board? concerns alround

mighty_douche3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Some of you kids confuse me, surely delaying the game can only make it better?

Is n4g a negative only zone?

EDIT: I wasnt trying to be patronising, stop being so sensitive.

MURKERR3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

funny how you patronise using the word 'kids' have you seen your avatar recently?

TheMART3764d ago


Giving extra time to a product to finish is allright. Rather have a finished product, then a bad game.

On the other hand: its sad how many times a release date has been set, or direction has been given about this game and then delayed again.

It seems new problems keep popping up with the development on the PS3. I mean: they think they'll be done a couple of times and time after time they delay it when that date comes close.

You have to agree that with Haze its becoming a bit of a soap

MURKERR3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

i started to agree with then you went all fanboy at the end,its got nothing to do with developing for the ps3(uncharted,cod4,dark sector) to name a few are amazing technical achievements,development issues on ps3 are a thing of the past that old joke doesnt work anymore you need new material my friend.

haze is a new ip with a new concept and the developers bit off more than they could chew lets just hope all these delays were for the better

mighty_douche3764d ago

I agree, delays can be depressing and sometime spell bad things for the game.

But niether you or anyone else on this site know why its been delayed, so saying "they're having problems with the PS3" is pure speculation, maybe they wanted to add something, improve something, who knows.

Delays have become a way for fanboys to try and get one over on the other console and its rediculous, you moan when games get released with bugs and you moan when games get delayed.

What are developers to do? It seem people will moan and speculate regardless.

"You have to agree that with Haze its becoming a bit of a soap" Ummm i dont understand what that means?

Lifendz3764d ago

I have plenty of games to last me for now and GTA IV and MGS4 will be more than enough for early summer. Make this an August release Ubi. I'm actually a little hyped for Haze.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33764d ago

When i see it in the Shops i'll buy it! EASY!;)
The longer it takes the better it will be;)

SUP3R3764d ago

I agree with Lifendz.
I think an August release would fit perfectly on the gaming calender for Haze, seeing as I'm a bit worried about the May release. A new IP being smack dab in the middle of 3 big releases isn't something I would consider smart. It would take a hell of a lot of marketing to really get it the attention it deserves.

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mighty_douche3764d ago

They really seem to want to take their time over this. Good news really, because unless its something great i cant see it doing to well.

Demo might help :)

prunchess3764d ago

If HAZE doesn't surpass their previous FPS games like the Timesplitters series and Goldeneye (N64)using the extra power at their disposal, I will be VERY disappointed. I am expecting big things from HAZE.

travelguy2k3764d ago

Free Radical is unlocking some of the potential that the PS3 has that they did not see before and want to use it. I also think that i would rather wait for this, than say later on "if they had only...."
the wait sucks, especially the first 3 months of this year were kinda lacking any Titles "I" wanted. In the next few months i am going to be swamped with titles.

I am sure they are putting the extra time to good use.

Cryos3764d ago

what the heck is up with this game? how can they keep pushing it back? I can't believe they are having that many issues wrapping the game up. As much as I hate the FW update craze to "fix" games, they need to get this to market and worry about minor fixes later.

Their game has already lost some of it's hype because of the delay, they can't afford to lose any more face, or push it after the summer

Skerj3764d ago

As long as it comes before MGS4 and I don't have to see the news article "Free Radical working on Haze patch, should be available shortly" as seems to be the trend lately, then all will be well.

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