Nintendo: Skyrim may influence the next Zelda

Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma revealed that one of the game's Nintendo is looking to for inspiration in regards to the next Wii U Zelda game is Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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blackbeld1981d ago


Hurry up with it. I want the new Zelda HD asap.

I want the Zelda bundle with WiiU hurry up. My wallet is ready.

WiiUsauce1980d ago

Nope, I say they take all the time they need. In the mean time, I'll be playing the hell out of Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade 2, Bayonetta 2, DKCTF, Wind Waker, Super Mario 3D World, Deus Ex, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Assassin's Creed IV, and whatever else comes to the platform. Zelda can wait.

blackbeld1980d ago


I still hope they could give us some more gameplay details.

WiiUsauce1979d ago

They will at next year's E3. We might not have to wait very long though. Eiji Aonuma said that they almost showed the brand new Wii U Zelda at E3, because development of the game is coming along solid. So the game is farther along than we think. It might even possibly come out next year even, who knows?

DragonKnight1981d ago

"Skyrim may influence the next Zelda."

Please, for the love of all that is good and pure, NO!

GamingAngelGabriel1981d ago

Why? You want to play the game Zelda again? You already own that.

DragonKnight1981d ago

How is making Zelda like Skyrim "new." The problem with developers these days is that they think that Skyrim is some kind of groundbreaking game that's done so many innovative things. Why would you want Zelda to be a game with a weak story where your actions literally have no impact on the world? Where the difficulty is non-existent? Or how about from a technical aspect where it's filled with bugs? Does that, in any way, sound like a good Zelda game?

The only aspect of Skyrim I'd want Zelda to take is the size and open-ended style.

thezeldadoth1981d ago

skyrim is the most overrated game this generation.

PopRocks3591979d ago



Not wanting a game to be glitchy as hell and influenced by another IP and therefor lose its uniqueness is not the same as asking for the same game over and over.

It's that kind of demand for change for the sake of change as oppose to complimenting the series, its legacy and gameplay is what led to crap like DmC and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Donnieboi1981d ago

Why not? He didn't say it will be purely Skyrim, just a little influence. Why don't you guys ever want things to evolve? I love Nintendo, and would see how they took chances back in the SNES and N64. They would mix the old with the new. Now it's all about conformity. Just let them try some new idea's. How else are they gonna grow?

DragonKnight1981d ago

How is making Zelda like Skyrim an evolution? We already have Skyrim. We don't need Skryim Remixed.

chronoforce1981d ago

how is sloppy combat and bad A.I evolved ?

Donnieboi1981d ago


How is it that you would assume that it is the bad A.I. and sloppy combat that inspired Aonuma. What a small-minded, foolish thing to say. I think he more than likely is influenced by the positives, and would dump the negatives.

Use your imagination (assuming u even have one)

Brucis1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

@Gabriel and Donnieboi

Practically every Zelda is different from the previous one. Skyward Sword is different from Twilight Princess is different from Wind Waker is different from Majora's Mask is different from Ocarina of Time. The two that could be considered the closest are OoT and TP, seeing as TP was made to be similar to OoT to please fans.

As for DragonKnight, he's not talking about mechanics or anything like that. "I don’t look at what’s happening in the game, but how it made me feel, what in the game moved me, and how I can bring out those same emotions in players who play my games." He's talking solely about emotion and not mechanics or story, so relax.

herbs1981d ago

Skyward Sword was far to linear IMO. More of an open world game with multiple villages, more side quests deeper crafting and a better sense of discovery, adventure all to enjoy at your own pace would greatly enhance the Zelda experience. Dragon Knight your an idiot for not wanting that your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.

DragonKnight1981d ago

"Dragon Knight your an idiot for not wanting that your opinion is bad and you should feel bad."

"Dragon Knight your an idiot."

"Your an idiot."


Oh the irony.

Brucis1981d ago

They're not taking gameplay mechanics from Skyrim, your point is moot. Regardless, Skyward Sword is not every Zelda game. Most of them have multiple villages, side quests, and a great sense of discovery. Crafting (the way SS did it) is a recent thing for Zelda and will likely either be removed or improved.

herbs1981d ago

Great rebuttal DragonKnight completely ignore my statement and instead focus on one grammar error. I guess all the downvotes from YOU'RE bad opinions got the best of you and this was YOU'RE last attempt to feel good about yourself lol.

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SpiralTear1981d ago

This could prove to Zelda's advantage. As long as it keeps its identity (solid puzzle design, great series atmosphere), this could very well make the series a bit different on Wii U. Go for it.

Just don't make Link talk. PLEASE NINTENDO.

Lord_Sloth1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

If you think about it, the original Zelda for the NES had the open world concept and finding the dungeons there already so Skyrim influence in that way would just return to the original.

You wander about finding items, weapons, and dungeons and you arren't pointed in any specific direction at all. The world is before you and you just go where you will. Not like OoT where you're pointed in different directions all the time.

I did love OoT but if Zelda tales the RIGHT influences from Skyrim it would be amazing!

Kevlar0091981d ago

One of my best experiences in Skyrim was climbing an unknown mountain, finding a Dragon Wall I hadn't found before, and looking at one of the best landscape scenes I have ever seen. I'd like to see more freedom and emphasis on exploration, like if I played the game a second time I might find something new

Go back to the original Zelda where you could play the game just about anyway you wanted. Just because you completed Dungeon 3 doesn't mean the next dungeon you found and explored was number 4.

Introducing side quests outside of the usual trading sequence would be a nice addition. Have a sense of open exploration with a little linearity. I would like to see pseudorealism in the graphics, much like the tech demo

gedden71981d ago

New Zelda = Zelda e3 demo + Darksiders + GTA/Skyrim

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