E3 2013: Booth babes going extinct?

From the article, "Booth babes, like loud music and flashing lights, are an integral part of E3 (except for a few years best forgotten). This year they seemed to be in short supply. Oh, they could be spotted here and there, but their numbers were dwindling, and their state of dress, normally in the “bespandexed groin” style, was almost prudish compared to the plumage (or lack thereof) of prior years. The above is a classic example of the state of dress of the E3 booth babe this year."

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blackbeld2009d ago

No... Please no.

E3 without booth babes then taste of E3 will be different.

-Mika-2009d ago

I think this is a good thing. Those trashy girls shouldn't be at a major event like E3. It just degrades the conference. I personally like the new booth babe. They are classy and they are a great image to represent us girl gamers.

blackbeld2009d ago

Please are you telling me the babe in the picture there is trash?

C'mon she looks great.

Anyway E3 must have babes doesn't matter what kind of babe trash or not. We need babes to cheer us up.

Pandamobile2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Booth babes will soon go the way of the dodo bird. The games industry is trying to break away from its predominantly sexist appearance to the outside world. Getting rid of the scantily dressed women who serve no purpose other than trying to attract convention goers is probably a good step.

They might have been relevant in the past (90s/early 00s), but gaming demographics have shifted. Males are no longer 80% of the gaming market.

Shadonic2008d ago

I'm ok with it as well hell them just knowing about the game there showcasing is good enough. I will miss the suits/costumes.

Blacktric2008d ago

" girl gamers."

Thanks for invalidating your opinion without the need for any further comments made by other people.

OT: As long as they don't look pants on retarded, it's fine. Saints Row 3 girls back in E3 2011 is the perfect example of terrible "booth babes" for instance.

SatanSki2008d ago

Lol, judging by videos from conventions and other gamers activities most of gamer girls and boys are fat and definitely not classy. Leave the babes alone. If they want to be there, let them. Its always a pleasure to watch some fit body. Offcourse there are always some disfunctional people who will see sexism in everything but i lol at their faces :-)

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Pozzle2008d ago

Meh. I liked that this year gaming sites were more focused on games/consoles instead of how many booth babes they could get photos of.

ddurand12008d ago

i agree.

theyre nice, but definitely not required.

steven83r2008d ago

Ya there wasn't too many this year. But then again i could care less about them while i am there. It is amusing watching the awkward gamers rush the girls to get pics with them like they never seen a girl. And almost 99% of the girls aren't models they just answer a help wanted ad. And when the show is over go back to their normal everyday girl lives working at Chilis or something. Just remember they are nothing special. Hell the actual gamer girl attendees were hotter and being ignored because they weren't dressed in latex.

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