Xbox One With Additional Power And Additional Facilities For The Players

Webmuch: The new Xbox One is pretty powerful, as said by Jeff Henshaw (Engineering Manager). It is computationally more powerful than almost 10 Xbox 360 consoles. This has been reported by GamesIndustry and it revealed this when the demonstration of consoles was discussed. The cloud is coming up with an immense power of processing. Microsoft is vast in terms of data centers. It is the owner of dozens and thousands of such servers. The pleasant news is that these centers are geographically scattered everywhere round the globe.

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FrigidDARKNESS1982d ago

The proof is in the pudding. During the EA conference demo BF4 multiplayer the pc was running on xbox one specs then later found to be the xbox one Dev Kit. CD project demoing the Witcher 3 on Xbox one Hardware running DX-11 . Capcom has said they aren't using all the capabilities of xbox one.

EasilyTheBest1982d ago

I cant wait to see this being demoed. Hopefully before the release of the X1.

EzioFan1982d ago

No matter how greedy they're being, Microsoft really has created a remarkable device.

mrxbox1982d ago

Rumors say that Xbox One will not show any demoes before PlayStation. And that is because Xbox One was showcased before the PS4, which was a bad point.. Let's see what will happen though..

Enemy1982d ago

Nothing compared to PS4s' specs, sorry.

NameRemoved00171982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

@natashapsycho so a device running mid end hardware from 2010 is a remarkable device? The cpu is a freaking pile of crap times 8, jaguar cores are so slow its not even funny how bad it is. The estimated power of the amd 8 core jaguar is only 1/3 of intels i5 3570k.

If you were not aware jaguar cpus are what powers AMD's ultra low end laptops and a few tablets that are like $200-$400 devices.

The most comparable cpu to them from intel? Intel atoms which are still garbage.

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whoyouwit041982d ago

Microsoft really needs to do better at explaining how the Xbox one works. Some of the stuff they are announcing now should have been front and center at E3 like this and the ability to share 1 game with 10 people any where in the country.

Deadpool1011982d ago

Exactly, this is what I said in another forum. Microsoft needs to change tactics. People are pissed about things like the drm and always online stuff right, well MS know they cant change that now. But instead of giving us crap excuses and saying stuff like "stick with your 360" they should be highlighting the benefits of all this stuff. Actually demonstrate the difference that "the power of the cloud" makes to the X1 because up til now people think it's just a crappy corporate slogan. They need to show how the benefits out weigh the restrictions...if they do

Blackdeath_6631982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

more powerful than the 360? i bloody well hope so

Krosis1982d ago

Nearly 10 times as much (standard for new consoles). Read the article.

Blackdeath_6631982d ago

i have, that was just a sarcastic comment because he was comparing its power to a much much older console. my calculator is much more "powerful" than the first computer ever built doesn't mean it is anything spectacular in the same way that the xbox one being more powerful than the 360 is nothing spectacular either

Krosis1982d ago

It was compared to gauge the leap in power for those (96% of N4G) that don't understand what the actual numbers mean. Your calculator analogy doesn't even make sense in this instance.

WolfOfDarkness1982d ago

Really ? xbox one is powerful ?! Where are the Tech Demos then ? We all saw PS4 tech demos and they looked amazing !

Hercules1891982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

the unreal engine is pretty much universal so theres no need to copy and paste what was shown at the ps4 reveal. plus isnt real gameplay demos better, we got ryse, quantum break and if that halo trailer is inengine, which most main halo reveals were inengine except halo 4, and i do believe it is because i saw a few jaggies that arent very noticeable, but i saw the trailer a few times and saw some rough edges.

Brasi19891982d ago

I wouldn't look into tech demos too much. Remember PS3's tech demos?

Godmars2901982d ago

What about them?

They were generally pointless, like the ducks in a bathtub, but at least they were run off of an actual dev kit.

Der_Kommandant1982d ago

And don't forget the additional 100 bucks.

swerve1211982d ago

But that 100 bucks is basically for the Kinect 2.0 and you cant say that device is at least worth that

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