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Console Wars: You’re going to buy an Xbox One

VG247- Thanks to some clever showmanship from Sony, E3 2013 was a PR disaster for Microsoft. What effect will this have on the next generation of console wars? Almost nothing, Brenna argues.

No matter how strongly we rail against the Xbox One, how much we all focus on the negatives instead of embracing the positives, the Xbox One will sell and it will be successful. After all, it’s got Halo. It’s got Titanfall. It’s got all your Xbox Live friends. And it’s got your Gamerscore. Eventually, it will have you. (Xbox One)

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Vip3r  +   895d ago | Well said
I'm not.
Skarlett   895d ago | Spam
NatureOfLogic  +   895d ago | Well said
This article is reeks of desperation and denial.
bicfitness  +   895d ago
That is what powers "the infinite power of cloud." Fanboy dreams.

MS are spouting as much hyperbole and bs as some of the major oil companies these days. Their die-hard fans are just as sad. We shouldn't be attached to companies, particularly not ones who mistreat their customer bases. If Sony fucked up everything this gen - DRM, check in restrictions, shitty hardware, $500 pricetag - I certainly wouldn't be cheer-leading them, no matter my history with the brand.

These companies are not our friends. They provide a service. If they don't do that adequately or competitively, move on. No sense getting so attached as some of these fans seem to be. It's not healthy.
Hydrolex  +   895d ago
That is towards Microsoft employees and their kids.... they probably get a discount lol !

No one else is buying that FBI tool crap. I was wondering why it must come with the kinect, but so weird that you MUST BE online once a day !! VERY WEIRD
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Saigon  +   895d ago
Ha...not even going to respond, however i did like what someone posted #classic:

mikeslemonade  +   895d ago
Casual gamers and the uninformed will buy one. Just like all the casual gamers still buying COD and Battlefield while clearly there's better shooters, espionange, and military shooters coming out.
blackbeld  +   895d ago

Das gif is epic!

Hahaha. Big finger.

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NewMonday  +   895d ago
"It’s got all your Xbox Live friends"

this is actually making friends jump ship as a whole group.

gamers are actually advertising PS4 to each other in XBL.
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Dee_91  +   895d ago
They just tried to pull a darth vader on me.
Im not gonna say im never gonna buy a Xbox One because im not sure if they will change their policies but until then.PS3/PS4/PC/360 for me
Diver  +   895d ago
No it will not have me. I will not support a console that chose corporations over gamers by attempting and attempting to persuade others to reduce the rights and freedoms of gamers.

Digital tyranny may be alright by VG24/7 but they should be warned they are gonna come out on the pointy end of the stick on this.
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thechosenone  +   895d ago
Dat reverse psychology. tee hee

And the main reason why I'll be getting a PS4 over Xbone is that it's 60% more powerful so you know both multiplats and exclusives will look and play much better on Sony's hardware.
SilentNegotiator  +   895d ago
"It’s got Titanfall"

Oh yeah, because an EA game is going to be an exclusive for long...they even said that they couldn't comment about whether it would stay exclusive (Instead of just saying "maybe"), implying a contractual obligation not to say that it's temporary.
Heartnet  +   895d ago
It doesnt lol...

I hate what Ms have done but at the same time i know Sony will get around to it sooner rather than later and tbh its not as big a deal as every1 makes it xD

Ill probz end up with one nigh on launch date cause of certain games hah
Mounce  +   895d ago
I came in here only to basically say:

"No I'm not and go fuck yourself vg247.com and Brenna Hillier"
Kevin ButIer  +   895d ago
Titanfall is coming to PS4 sooner than later...
That-Guy  +   895d ago
Your Jedi mind-tricks will not work on me, Microsoft.
Blacktric  +   894d ago
"Story by Brenna Hillier"


Oh man... For a second thought it was written by some actual human being.

For the ones who don't recognize the name (which is a good thing); she's the one who wrote this "amazing" piece:

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The_Con-Sept  +   894d ago
I have never bought an Xbox. Shows how much of a true gamer I am right? I still have an snes, Sega dreamcast, and a ps1. Never cared for Xbox.
Anon1974  +   895d ago
I have zero plans to purchase this system. The original XBox was my favorite console of that gen (sorry PS2, I just liked it better) and I bought a 360 this gen pretty much day one.

I have no interest in this system. I may miss out on a few games I would like to play, but at the end of the day I know I'll have no shortage of games vying for my limited gaming time. I saw what the Xbox One was offering. I'm not interested.
indysurfn  +   895d ago
Yeah because it has halo? right when wii came out it had Metroid! my fav, Nintendo didn't even try to take my rights away and I found a new favorite on xbox360. Guess what I will do with halo, the only game I have bought and loved everyone of (that was the same kind of game, sorry halo wars) which is actually a war simulation game not a first person shutter. I will fall in love with last of us or something!
Micro's is so soft they cant stick it in my wallet and take away my rights.
aiBreeze  +   895d ago
Ssshh don't say you're not buying it.. they believe that if they can keep saying "You’re going to buy an Xbox One" then people might actually start believing it.
MestreRothN4G  +   895d ago
We're not.
titletownrelo  +   895d ago
this just in, Microsoft have resorted to hypnosis as a way for customers to get their next console
"you are going to buy an Xbox One, you are going to buy an Xbox One, you ar-..."
MysticStrummer  +   895d ago
lol Hypnosis is exactly what I thought of when I saw the title.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have to buy a One, since I was offered an XBox and 360 more than once for birthdays and Christmas. My answer has always been no and it will remain no.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   895d ago
Again the games and exclusives and the features is what's making want an X1.

The only policy I don't like is the 24 hour check in that's crap.

Now I'm always online half the time. But internet is not perfect and it randomly goes down. So if I don't fix my internet within 24 hours its over. Stupid... stupid, stupid, stupid.

The used games policy: doesn't bother me there's a gamestop down the street.

Lending games policy: 10 people I can lend games to. Wow, only one of my friends borrow my games, ONE. Not a problem I'm only speaking behalf of myself on this.
Edward75  +   895d ago
For all the bad things I found this to be awesome..


Very great feature many are overlooking.
RiPPn  +   895d ago
That game sharing thing isn't to bad, however it can and will change at Microsoft's discretion. This is just Microsoft giving you a taste so they can get you hooked.
Dee_91  +   895d ago
I never thought I would live to see the day that sharing a game would be a feature.I actually thought that more than 1 person can play that shared copy at once and I thought that was the feature,but apparently you cant.. so im back at square one, what will justify their policies..At first it was used games are making developers and publishers lose profit,but developers and publishers came out and said that this isnt the case.So once again what justify these policies?
What positive for the consumers come out of 24hr check-ins and mandatory installs?
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Epic_Troy  +   895d ago
Yea I pre ordered mine....I like what its capable of
Enemy  +   895d ago
I'd buy one just to upload a video of me smashing it to pieces with a sledgehammer. Xbox One is an accurate portrayal of everything that the future of gaming shouldn't be.
Army_of_Darkness  +   895d ago
who ever buys one... well..
It's They're money, they're choice so Good luck and I hope they are always online, especially when playing a video game;-)
StoutBEER  +   895d ago
I am.
nosferatuzodd  +   895d ago
psss boss, i have some games to sell!... what do you have? 3 xbox1 games.. nah I'm good you have to have something moor real republic of Microsoft is no good out here this place is run by the hutts Xbox1 will do fine .. no it wont... yes Xbox one will do fine..no no it wont ..
you're waving you're hand like you're some kind of Jedi
mind tricks doesn't work on me only Sony
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rainslacker  +   895d ago
And then there's this

greenlantern2814  +   894d ago
I'm not. And idk why people think xbox is winning this gen. since even if they are beating sony and from what i have seen in total world wide sales they are about even, wii still out sold them. But back to the next gen I have around a dozen xbox fans that i talk to at work and none of them are going to get an xb1 strictly because of the fact they have to have kinect and check in every 24 hrs. but only 3 of them told me they would buy a ps4 most seem to say they just will stay on 360.
avengers1978  +   894d ago
Saints94  +   895d ago
Moonman  +   895d ago
pa...........pahahahahaha...mu ....MUHAHAHA!
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Silly gameAr  +   895d ago
Lot of articles like this one coming in lately. hmmmm.
cell989  +   895d ago
I know right, like trying to convince us that the xbone actually is worth forking out 5 bills
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   895d ago
An influx since midnight last night with tons of apologists following suit.....
aiBreeze  +   895d ago
And what looks suspiciously like sales rep coming on here posting comments and sending out pms (I've had two so far)
Eyesoffiction  +   895d ago
Lol,says who?
-MD-  +   895d ago
I have absolutely no reason to buy an Xbone.
HK5A  +   895d ago
FM5, Tiatan Fall, Quantm Break, Ryse.

But the PS4 will be my main console.
riverstars86  +   895d ago
I was all Xbox, moving to PS4 because I think it will be the most powerful and run 3rd party games the best. I don't care about the DRM crap, I just want the best experience. That's all I have to say.
metaltales49  +   895d ago
HK5A not to knock your choices xbox one game but Tiatan fall also for pc and ryse for the most part is a movie because if you fail a QTE the game plays itself and no disrespect
kneon  +   895d ago
Titan fall is also on PC and Ryse is looking worse and worse with every article I read.

Forza is fine but there are equally good or better driving games elsewhere.
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Lord_Sloth  +   894d ago
Forza 5: lol Forza
Titanfall: I have enough FPS games
Quantum Break: I've seen no gameplay.
Ryse: The game that plays itself!

The ONLY thing that would make me consider an XBOne is a new Fable and that's not likely since I didn't even complete 3.
True_Samurai  +   895d ago
Ok I already know I am on day one
denawayne  +   895d ago
Me too
Krosis  +   895d ago
Lol NO TrueNinja, you're NOT getting one! Lol @the disagrees .
Hicken  +   895d ago
Brainwashed you good, did they?
True_Samurai   895d ago | Immature | show
MasterCornholio  +   895d ago
I want to maintain my rights as a consumer so I won't be buying an Xbox One unless Microsoft changes their DRM policy's.

Motorola RAZR i
PositiveEmotions  +   895d ago
Its not even a gaming console to me more like a tv console
cell989  +   895d ago
if I ever want to replace my Tivo maybe, but realistically speaking, no im not, not for $500
SexyGamerDude   895d ago | Personal attack | show
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   895d ago
No I wont.

dollison27  +   895d ago
Don Mattrick is that you? Get out of here!
Serg  +   895d ago
Easy to test, bring up submarines...
OrionNoctis   895d ago | Trolling | show
Roper316  +   895d ago
I'll be passing thank you very much. I like to own what I pay for and not be told how, when & where I can use it and who i can share it with.
Software_Lover  +   895d ago
The PS5 will be the XBone just by a different name. We will all be done with gaming by then. Now if the PS5 doesn't have a mandatory camera then they win!!!!!!!

After reading that to myself, I cant tell if I was being sarcastic.

If Microsoft wanted to go this route, they should've just went ahead and gone all digital which is what the console is basically. The discs are meaningless.
MestreRothN4G  +   895d ago
"If Microsoft wanted to go this route, they should've just went ahead and gone all digital which is what the console is basically. The discs are meaningless."

The only reason for the discs to exist is to avoid what drove me away from The Last of Us digital today: Downloading 26 GB per game.

Other than that, yes, the disks are indeed useless since alone they don't allow you to play.
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blakstarz  +   895d ago
I'll get one when the price drops.
wynams  +   895d ago
I guess if MS ever sells a kinect/drm free version, then yes .. the assumption I will eventually get one may be proven correct!
rainhell77  +   895d ago
Psychotica  +   895d ago
IF I do (and that's a big IF), it wouldn't be until next year and only if the price drops and there are large amount of games I want that I can't get on the PS4 or PC. Right now I don't see any Xbox One only games that would compel me to spend $400
TheFatherofLies  +   895d ago
I will not be getting an Xbox One.

I bought a first-gen Xbox and out of the box it started eating my disks, later the power cord melted.

In '05 I sat on the sidelines while friends scooped up the 360. I watched over a dozen of their consoles red-ring. They willfully paid for online MP while PC and PS3 users did not.

No. I will -not- be getting an Xbox One. MS makes garbage hardware and these new features/functions make the system even easier to disregard.
Chug  +   895d ago
No way in hell will I ever buy one. Even if they backpedal and lift all these restrictions, still won't buy one. It's too late, they've showed everyone their intent to destroy the good ol days of gaming and I will never support their console(s) now or in the future.
Software_Lover  +   895d ago
The internet ruined the good ol days of gaming.
cell989  +   895d ago
buying a game online, storing it on your HDD and having access to it from another console is not something new, technically you can already do that with PS3, you can even share it with another friend, 2 friends can share the content at the same time in different PS3 so why are people acting like theres advantages with the licensing policies of the xbone? streaming? Gakai can do that too
NeXXXuS  +   895d ago
Said no one, ever.
Imalwaysright  +   895d ago
I won't even read the article. My answear is HELL NO!!
Bellcross  +   895d ago
MrAnderson  +   895d ago
No i'm really not
MasterofMagnetism  +   895d ago
wanna bet?
Kevlar009  +   895d ago

jameson12345  +   895d ago
Does PC4U mean "a pc for you" or a combination of PC, PS4, and Wii U?

Either way I like it.
CRAIG667  +   895d ago
I am a gamer, I will buy both consoles,perhaps even a wiiu if I stumble upon 1 cheap on ebay or something...
mantisimo  +   895d ago
No Craig your not a gamer, gamers wont support this greedy corporate grabbing.
Hicken  +   895d ago
"I am a gamer" is a weak excuse for saying, "I'm too brainwashed to not get the console."
maniacmayhem  +   895d ago
Of course, because being a tool and sheep to one system is okay...as long as you're not brainwashed.

I know it is very hard for a person like you Hicken to accept that there might be people out there that will buy both consoles no matter what you think of the Xbox 1.

MikeMyers  +   895d ago

Year after year we have heard many cries about Call of Duty yet year after year it outsells all others. Most people don't consumer themselves on a daily basis on forums whining and complaining all day. Most actually buy things for the enjoyment of it.

I find it laughable how upset some people are when they have choices right in front of them.
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