Metal Gear Solid 5: Hideo Kojima’s quest for redemption

Will the next gen consoles offer enough oomph for Kojima to end things properly (again)?

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BlagaMan851924d ago

As a whole, I really enjoyed it. But technically, it was a strange game (the chapter installs and all that) But it's easy to see it didn't live up to Kojima's expectations.

Snookies121924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

The only reason the installs were like that was because at that time the hard drives weren't that big... So Kojima didn't want to take up a huge chunk of your hard drive just to play the game.

papashango1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

redemption really?


Hideo Kojima plays it the safest amongst all the other japanese devs. SE, Capcom all of them.

All he can do is Metal Gear. Even the d-bag compulsive liar Peter Molyneux has the balls to attempt new things.

The most comfort Kojima has felt outside of MGS is a ZOTE remake lol.

Snookies121924d ago

It was a masterpiece really. Especially when it first came out... Man that game looked SO good.

2pacalypsenow1924d ago

Still is a masterpiece in my book

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Donnieboi1923d ago

Why does the writer of this article keep indicating that this game will be the final one? Kojima never once said that (not even in this interview). The author just keeps assuming that, simply because kojima once said that mgs 4 would be his last one.

But I get the feeling that Kojima is re-inspired again about mgs now that his vision of an open, free world is possible. This engine of his can give many opportunities to expand the story-line and it's past, while giving him the speed and flexibility to make other IP's and new games too. There's room for both MGS and new IP's too now that Kojima has learned to rely on quick tools that he made with fox engine.

BlagaMan851923d ago

Ever since MGS 2 he's been threatening to step down. And if you read some of his current interviews, he still seems to want that(he's just hesitant to say so, in case he ends up returning for whatever reason). Still, if he could work on MGS and other IP's that would be great. But I find that VERY hard and I would prefer to see him try new things. He's one of the few "auters" we have, and he is still basically only known for MGS.

StuffofLegend1923d ago

Hell yeah! Playing it right now, it really concluded everything in the best way possible.

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BlagaMan851924d ago

It still does! some of the textures are still top notch!

2pacalypsenow1924d ago

Redemption for what? MGS4 was a great Ending. Also Selling out and working with Microsoft and showing up for MS e3 and not Sony's who helped him reach where he is now is not helping him reach "Redemeption". Not everyone might feel that way but thats just how i feel i lost a little respect for him when he showed up at MS e3 2 years in a row and not Sony's

BlagaMan851923d ago

As long as the game comes out to both platforms, I'm good. But what's in question here isn't the value of MGS 4 for us. It's for Kojima, who has stated repeatedly that it could have been better.

Krosis1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

MGS has been on PC, Xbox and Nintendo--developers go multiplatform, hardly "selling out". Why can't all gamers enjoy his games? Grow up.

Nate-Dog1923d ago

Bu bu but he was with Sony it would have been 10000000000000000000000000x better as a Sony exclusive!

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Firan1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Seriously what difference it would have been if he went to Sony's E3 instead of MS's? If you lose respect for this you're just a fanboy. Besides, the series started on MSX2 which is a PC.

"not Sony's who helped him reach where he is now "

I would say it's the game devs who helped Sony reach where they are now. I doubt PS1/PS2/PS3 would have sold well without games.

2pacalypsenow1923d ago

It started on the MSX but it didn't get worldwide popularity until it hit the Ps1

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talocaca1923d ago

It's very Japanese about him....fake humble.

All Japanese people hate their projects or so they say....they should hang out with Peter Molyneux for a while!

Krosis1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

MGS will not end, he has been saying it for years. It better not end with Hayter cast out either..

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