GameTap: Ninja Reflex Review

GameTap writes: "Ninja Reflex is EA's latest attempt to throw some stuff against Nintendo's casual gaming wall in the hope that something will stick. And it almost does. Almost.

The problem with Ninja Reflex isn't the issue that plagues so many minigame compilations released for the Wii and DS, that being awful or broken gameplay. In fact, Ninja Reflex's six minigames are all reasonably well made, and a few of them are legitimately fun. No, the issue is the fact that there are six minigames contained in this package. The game does attempt to dress them up a bit by throwing around some ruleset changes here and there, but it's not nearly enough to gloss over the fact that you'll be paying $30 or $40 for something that looks like, plays like, and offers as much content as one of those plug-and-play TV games you'd typically buy for $10 at a mall kiosk."

-Decent minigame designs
-Controls are mostly solid

-Audio is obnoxious
-Multiplayer options are limited on the DS
-Six friggin' minigames! Six!

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