The Myth of Great Game Openings, or the Opening of The Last of Us

There are game openings that cannot really be spoiled, but the one from the Naughty Dog’s game is not one of them. Even though you know exactly what is going to happen the second after you press Start.

Here’s the kicker: the opening of The Last of Us will blow your mind, and for this particular game, it’s a bad thing.

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DeletedAcc2009d ago

Best opening of all time
I cried..

jc485732009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I had watery eyes. It was really messed up. This article clearly describes the "process" of the game w/o spoiling of course.

DecoyOctopus2009d ago

I also had watery eyes and im usually pretty numb, and its really hard for me to cry.

dale_denton2009d ago

ain't gonna lie.. eyes got watery.. i was suprised. damn you naughty dog.

vlonjati77vlonjati2009d ago

me too,I have kids and really felt emotional at the end of the opening(do not want to spoil anything)

Walker2009d ago

Best opening ever ! i fu**ing cried !

Inception2009d ago

Me too T_T

And it's a sign that TloU main theme isn't about humans fighting the infected. But 'the monster' inside normal humans are more 'scarry' than those infected.

I'm definitely in loved with this game <3
Superb story with superb voice acting made me believed that i had two best friend in real world name Joel and Ellie.

Kratos_19862009d ago

im a father of 2 sons and i cried to be honest

Tiqila2009d ago

One of the best openings ever.
though I was relatively sure what would happen... (it was official that ellie would be your sidekick and that girl wasnt ellie...)

YourGreatUncle2009d ago

The the sounds of it happening were just unsettling realistic and mixed with the fantastic voice acting it had me choked up. Bravo to Naughty Dog for able to invoke such an intense feeling out of me in the first 10-15min of the game.

ufo8mycat2009d ago

I must say it was brilliantly done. Normally, I wouldn't have felt much for a scene like this so early in a game, as the connection with the characters would not have really been fully established, but Naughty Dog managed to successfully make it emotional.

Well done

I just can't wait to get further into the game (about 2 hours in so far) to see what other awesome moments this game has to offer.

Campy da Camper2009d ago

I'm about 4 hours ain't seen nothing yet. Might want to take a Valium now bro.

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The story is too old to be commented.