Sony on PS4 Content 'If You Buy It, You Own It'

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO House says Sony's had the same content ownership policies for 15 years.

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NatureOfLogic2010d ago

And that's how it should be.

Abash2010d ago

And thats why Sony has given me faith in the future of the gaming industry again

mewhy322010d ago

well when you buy something it should be yours right???? right??? I worked for my money, I paid that money for a product, it's mine.

WarThunder2010d ago

I like the PS4 design its very similar to PS2 slim..

And the blue led its a neat touch!

abzdine2010d ago

Sony ftw! I'll remain a gamer as long as they stay in the industry! They have support if gamers now it's really good and it will only benefit to consumers with great games.

Greatness awaits

EasilyTheBest2010d ago

Abash.... "Faith in the future of the gaming industry because of Sony" ?

So when the PS5 comes out in 6 years time and it doesn't even have a Blu ray drive and they will be doing practically the same thing as Microsoft is doing now I bet that will be all fine then. Perhaps they will throw in a few games like they have with PSN, where now its fine to pay for online..

This site is hilarious.

darthv722010d ago

we should expect the possibility of being able to make backups of not only physical but digital content.

For archival purposes of course.

Serg2010d ago


I was fully prepared to say eff off to Sony if they implemented the same stuff Microsoft did and go PC only. Thank god they didn't. And if stupidity and shortsightedness prevail in a few years, and Microsoft is successful with the crap they are trying to pull, the next console generation will be time to abandon console gaming, look at what happened to free online play because of Microsoft, now Sony is doing it, too because MS was so successful with it.

And by the way, using your own made up hypothetical outcomes of certain situations to pass judgement on a certain group of people is beyond ridiculous.

sinjonezp2009d ago

I want to find the troll who disagreed with y'all and hang them from a cliff

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Snookies122010d ago

That's exactly right, and it's part of the reason I'm going PS4 next-gen.

AngelicIceDiamond2010d ago

@King Right, that's how its always been.

Redgehammer2010d ago

You own the disc, not the media on it. Read the EULA.

TI_212010d ago

Nope, that depends on where you live.
In the US you formally own the disc, while in a lot of countries EULA's aren't applicable in the first place.

2010d ago
Moonman2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

POWER to the people!! :)

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Vip3r2010d ago

This is what the PS4 is doing at the moment.

SonicRush152010d ago

Hah! love that gif. Gotta bookmark it.

Software_Lover2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Except if you want to hack it. Than you're just licensing it.

Sony is going FULL ON BASH right now. Microsoft is looking helpless as days go on.

Mikelarry2010d ago

you try and hack a microsoft 360 or even better still on your xbox 1 now that its spying on you, see how quick they would be at your front door

Software_Lover2010d ago

If they ever come to my door, you will be the first person I notify.

Hadoukameha2010d ago

I dare them to come to my fuckng door.

DivineAssault 2010d ago

Good thing theyre making sure all the ignorant ppl who think Sony has all these restrictions like xbox know that its not true..

NatureOfLogic2010d ago

I believe the word is getting out. Their used games youtube video is one most trending videos on the web right now.

DivineAssault 2010d ago

Ya i seen it.. Sony nailed it with this console & how theyre going about promoting it.. I think PS4 is going to be sold out throughout the holidays & i got 3 of them pre ordered to help meet the demand ;)

Drekken2010d ago

They have to keep repeating this because there are still people out there that are saying otherwise. I call them uninformed idiots.

SpinalRemains2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Not fully truthful though.

Is not their current policy, that games purchased through +, are yours so long as you remain a member?

Physical copies of course we will own, but as far as PS+ digital content, they become non playable when the subscription ends. The PS+ game is married to the subscription I thought.


Software_Lover2010d ago

That is true. Plus, all digital content is not tradeable, but Sony does not have the online checks so you could put your profile on a friends ps3 and let him/her download your games. There is a limit to how many consoles though because of the abuse. I wouldn't be surprised if that is diminished on the ps4.

But even after all of that, their current stance is still better than the XBone.

C0MPUT3R2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

So do you think if you don't renew your netflix sub you should still be able to access netflix even though you are no longer paying for it?
If you are no longer paying for the subscription you don't have access until you re-sub. How is this so hard to understand?

Mikelarry2010d ago

apparently its not written in microsoft so they cant understand

SpinalRemains2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

What the hell are you talking about?

Of course I don' think Netflix should be free, but that has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. Maybe you're just a tad sloooooooow?

I would ask that you re-read the conversation, but since you didn't read it the first time prior to responding, what good would that do?

Even if what you thought I was suggesting was correct, which it isn't, I'll entertain it anyway. When we subscribe to Netflix we stream movies. We do not subscribe then pay for the movie, then download it to our HDD. We pay a sub and stream. It's not even a proper analogy, man.

Brucis2010d ago

Entirely different from what he said. What you are saying is 'you want to keep using a service you cancelled'. What he is saying is 'I want to keep what was given to me, seeing as these games aren't rentals.' What you are trying to make it look like he saying is like 'If I cancelled my Gamefly sub I should keep getting services anyways' when he's not.

SpinalRemains2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )


He's just lost.

He has no idea that I love PS and I subscribe.

He assumed I hate it because I corrected the headline, and quickly invented some retarded Netflix example in his fit of wisdom.

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