GameTap: Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Review

GameTap writes: "Some designer over at EA Los Angeles has managed to make one of the most repulsive creatures on the planet a bit more palatable to me. I hate centipedes so much that I have a hard time killing them because their very appearance aggravates me, but one of the new units in this expansion to the real-time strategy game Command & Conquer 3 is the mechapede. It's a giant robotic centipede that starts with just a head, and you can add up to eight segments (from four types) to customize its loadout. If only real centipedes looked as cool as the bizarre mechapede, I might actually feel enthralled rather than repulsed. This crazy robot is but one of many new things that this expansion brings to C&C3."

-Cool subfactions and new units
-If you like the story, it fills in plot holes
-Global Conquest is a good first step to new single-player that isn't skirmish or campaign.

-Global Conquest mode could use more work
-Story makes little sense to non C&C lorefiends
-Still plays like C&C from a decade ago

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