GameTap: Dark Sector Review

GameTap writes: "The notepad must have been filled with buzzwords the day Digital Extremes signed off on Dark Sector. Secret agent, zombies, virus outbreak, cover system, haunted mansions--the Canadian development house thought of everything. Unfortunately, ripping off gameplay elements, storyline parallels, and environments from blockbuster hits like Gears of War and Resident Evil does not a blockbuster hit make, and Dark Sector sometimes feels like a cheap imitation.

But hey, if you're going to pick games to imitate, you could do far worse than those two. While not wholly original, Digital Extremes has managed to create a fun-while-it-lasts shooter that is a visual gem."

-Sweet new virus powers
-Blood-thirsty finishing moves
-Excellent graphics and sound

-Convoluted storyline
-Silly puzzles
-Broken melee combat gets old fast

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wolfehound223620d ago

This games seems to be pretty good. At the very least a good rental.