Nintendo: Quality games will move the needle for us

Nintendo stayed out of the fray at this year's E3 -- showcasing its new games via a Nintendo Direct video presentation the day after Microsoft and Sony had their press conferences, and throwing a low-key show-floor shindig for the press while analysts and retailers got a business-focused presentation at another venue.

"Our focus coming in was really to concentrate on games because we didn't have the hardware news that the other console makers had," Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America's senior director of corporate communications, tells Gamasutra.

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Kevlar0092008d ago

Nintendo is only successful to this day because they sell their hardware by themselves. Nintendo can never afford to wait for a 3rd party to swoop down and release tons of unique and great content.

It's a no brainer their 1st party games trump 3rd party. They may not have exactly what you want (FPS'), but that's not what they're about

3-4-52008d ago

Wii U is going to be a great alternate console to own 2-3 years from now.

Nintendo will pump out games and will do so even faster now, they've also hinted at being more experimental and instead of sitting on an idea, just letting it be and see what happens.

These seem to want to try and take a few more risks in the future and that could work in their favor.

Give us something we didn't expect and you will have everybody falling in love with Nintendo again.

Hadoukameha2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

We need quality AND quantity at an affordable price, Nintendo.

2007d ago