E3 2013: Super Mario 3D World Preview | EGM

EGM: "I was able to go hands-on with a couple different levels in Super Mario 3D World, each of which showcased some of the new elements that are being brought into the gameplay this go around."

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thomasmiller1980d ago

Yes!! I totally agree! the frog suit has also been announced, bring old and brand new elements to this great game, is cool. Mario has needed a breath of fresh air, and this game gives it to him... you don't save peach, new cat suit, not a rehash of the racoon suit, like the flying squirrel suit was, new enemies, yes, this is not the same old mario!! I agree, this could be the best 3d mario game ever, cannot wait until the finished game comes this december, this really makes up for NSMB U, I really liked that game, but I was wishing for something a little more fresh.. I may not be mario galaxy fresh, not every mario game can be... but there is enough new stuff, to give mario new life again! and I cannot wait to get it!

MNGamer-N1980d ago

I hope the game is hard to beat / challenging. Sometimes I get bored if it is too easy.

Jagsrock1980d ago

As amazing as galaxy was I did always wish it had a real co-op mode. IT was such a great game but you really couldn't share the fun with a friend(unless they enjoy pointing the wiimote at the screen to pick up star candy) This game has galaxy elements, Mario land 3d elements and even super Mario 64 elements plus you can truly play and enjoy the game with some friends. That's pretty awesome.