Battlefield 4 – New Suppression System, Reversible Takedowns, “Field Upgrades,” and “Zoom-Peek”

MP1st - Not only are developers DICE going to let you bring an entire skyscraper crashing to the ground, but the team has spent a lot of time polishing the “second-to-second” experience, as DICE General Manager and Vice President likes to put it, talking about the smaller innovations that are being introduced to the multiplayer.

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elhebbo161923d ago

I imagine walking a mile get to camper, just so he can reverse knife you. I'll just use C4 i guess.

1922d ago
cpayne931922d ago

If you come from behind, they can't counter.

Yukicore1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

*It's mentioned in the article*
I'm glad, I actually read elhebbo16's comment before reading the article itself, and it got me worried.

MWong1923d ago

I don't like the Field Upgrades. I still hope we get to an individual specialization option, because a lot of people don't PTO. So depending on some people to PTFO might be a stretch. Guess will have to see how it works in the beta.

spektical1922d ago

the counter takedown should be a random button the controller and show up for a very short timeperiod at a random time between then and the kill, and if the player smashes all buttons loses the counter.

i dont see a problem with this, especially if its a guy running up to another, if the opposing player cant see you he shouldnt be able to counter.