For the Love of Nostalgia: Three Titles that Need HD Rereleases

Even in an era where video games are looking better and more realistic by the year, I find myself going back to my previous generation’s game libraries all too often. While there are still dozens of great games coming out every year, the ones that truly capture my imagination like the classics of the past are few and far between. Sure, you can chalk it up to nostalgia, but I feel that most of today’s games simply do not have the same heart that was found in so many titles released back in the day. Games may have gotten larger in scope, but their focus seems to be shifted from creating a wholly engrossing experience to making a flashier end product.

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FateoftheGame1980d ago

Hell yes to Freedom Fighters, not only was that game a blast to play, but the soundtrack is so damn good.

Myst1979d ago

Shadow hearts yes, yes, YES!

Neoninja1979d ago

I don't think Shenmue needs a hd rerelease, I think SEGA needs to get on it and make Shenmue 3!
Totally agree with Shadow Hearts!