*SPOILERS* The Last of Us - Ending and Credits

The ending and credits of The Last of Us. This video contains major spoilers*

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Nitrowolf21082d ago

God this game. Already beaten it, but I suggest not to watch this. It's so F'n Great. The Music, the VO, the setting, everything fits perfect. Such an emotional rollercoaster.

Endless_XX1082d ago

I haven't gotten a chance to get this game, is it similar to Uncharted ish territory?

Nitrowolf21082d ago

you can compare the gameplay by just looking at it, but playing it it's compeltely different feel. It's not about platforming. It's a full survivor game

Endless_XX1082d ago

Awesome, I am picking up my copy after work.

mantisimo1082d ago

Why the f*%k was this approved shouldn't be allowed, seriously.

I'm getting mine tomorrow after a late posting and this kind of thing really should not be allowed to be published. I realise I can ignore it but lesser beings might not and that would be a major shame.

vitullo311082d ago

i cant wait to play this game today WORK FEELS LIKE FOREVERRRRR

fsfsxii1082d ago

I'll say it again, this game is one of the best games i've ever played.

overrated441081d ago

I thought this game was absolutely incredible. Not to mention that throughout my time with it I was thinking to myself "there's no way that this story is going to end in a way that I enjoy"....and it absolutely did. Fantastic ending to a fantastic game, really REALLY impressive.