Nintendo Feed's E3 2013 Disappointments

Whilst E3 was an exciting show this year in many respects, we were still somewhat disappointed by what Nintendo had to showcase. Here are Nintendo Feed team's disappointments from E3 2013.

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AngelicIceDiamond1979d ago

I had a feeling it wasn't gonna be that great.

videgamenext11979d ago

It made sense for them to focus on things coming sooner then much later all the games they showed looked like development was far along on all of them and their line goes until next summer. The wait on these fun games they have coming isn't that long which is better then waiting 50 years on the next kingdom hearts game.

herbs1979d ago

They played it to safe IMO. Wish Retro was working on something different and not just a rehash of there previous game. I guess it makes sense for them to pump out a game sooner rather than later and get a grip with what the hardware is capable of before they go all out on a more advanced game though.