Breaking the link to the past: Zelda's Eiji Aonuma

EuroGamer: "The veteran producer on revising Wind Waker, escaping tradition and finding Nintendo's future."

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TruthbeTold2013d ago

Cool interview. Hearing that Aonuma played Skyrim, and is was interested in studying what some fans might like Zelda to take inspiration from was very good news to me. I don't want Zelda to try and be Elder Scrolls at all. But I do think that at some point the Zelda series stopped pushing forward the open world experience in the ways that it had initially helped trailblaze.

3-4-52013d ago

Zelda doesn't have to be Elder scrolls, but there is so much room for additions and improvements that have been introduced to gaming over the years.

Thing that still have never made their way into a LoZ game, but would make a ton of sense if they did.