Ubisoft's E3 Presence - Great Games Nearly Stole the Show for Them

TRG scores Ubisoft's E3 presence a 9/10 - Title after title under their development studios are showing brilliance and setting the bar for other publishers and developers to follow. While they've been a large publisher for some time, they only recently started hanging with the big boys and are now doing so in impressive fashion.

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snipab8t2006d ago

Watchdogs and the Division stole the show.
Assassins Creed IV not so impressive...

ironfist922006d ago

Splinter Cell and The Crew too!

AC4 would be impressive if it was its own IP, but people are exhausted with the Ac franchise.

x5exotic2006d ago

Yeah no, some milked franchise, and that Watch Dogs looks like what a modern, Desmond-lead Assassin's Creed would be (in other words, what everyone expected the back-then final installment AC3 would be).

That car game looks good though.

Tatsuya 2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Two words, The Division. That game is going to be day one buy for sure. Going to be played only on my PS4.

medman2006d ago

The Division was the game, along with Destiny, that made me lean forward in my seat to get a closer look. I thought the Division was a CG trailer at first until they pulled back from the main character and he started moving. I was stunned. Gorgeous. The crew looked interesting, even though it isn't really my type of game. But the size of the world is intriguing, and creating mayhem all over the US with friends would no doubt be alot of fun. I made up my mind about Watch Dogs at last years E3. Day One PS4.