Sony’s Jon Koller on why the market says Sony won E3 (interview)

Jon Koller, Sony’s vice president of marketing at home console and handheld platforms, said all indicators suggest that Sony had a better show than Microsoft, thanks to its surprise announcements that it would price its box at $399, or $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s, while it would allow gamers to sell used games without restrictions, once again in contrast to Microsoft’s position. But he knows Sony has a tough fight on its hands and wouldn’t presume to do a victory lap yet.

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Mikey322301981d ago

I always love a good Executive Interview.

In this interview they touch on that The February Reveal was specific on the Tech behind Ps4. E3 was specific to gaming. I Hope Sony has lots more on other features / multitasking between games / networks features as well.

While I love the PS4 thus far and in no way would buy the Xbox One over it. Microsoft has shown much more how the Xbox One is more future Proofed than the PS4. Their UI is super snappy and multitasks incredibly well.
I hope sony has more to show on that :)

DJMarty1981d ago

X1 may multitask, at the cost of games, using 3Gb for OS isn't that smart, what about the game,



The ps4 allows another player to take over your screen and actually play the game you are playing...

I have not heard MS talk about anything like that yet, but I am sure it would not find multitasking that hard.

deantak1981d ago

Jon Koller is trending up

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