PlayStation 4 is better than the Xbox One and here’s why

It's time to jump ship Xbox gamers. The PlayStation 4 is better than the Xbox One and here's why.

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pat_11_52008d ago

I wish Microsoft would change locking games to consoles. It just doesn't make sense.

xHeavYx2008d ago

Even if they change that policy, their console is weaker and more expensive than the PS4

pat_11_52008d ago

It's more expensive because it comes with a Kinect though. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I'm excited to try out Kinect 2.0.

I also don't think it's weaker. It really depends on what analyst you read about. There's also the cloud computing with the Xbox One that gives it that extra jolt of power.

Nitrowolf22008d ago

@ pat

but that same cloud computing has been confirmed for PS4 already, so in a sense that so called advantage is gone.

KUV19772008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I think the cloud can do interesting stuff but not really anything to close the performance-gap. Also ps4 has a cloud too, so there you go.

I will buy a ps4 because I had a ps3 and like the franchises on the system but I do see the advantages of their push towards digital distribution, even if there are certain disadvantages too. It's a trad-off and every user must decide for him/herself if he/she wants to accept this trade-off.

cervantes992008d ago


Cloud computing can be done by any device that has access to the Internet. Microsoft has just latched onto it as marketing speak - and marketing speak is all it is.

Both the PS3/4 and Wii/Wii U could do the same thing. just setup a server farm to crunch data and send it back to the console over the Internet.

AngelicIceDiamond2008d ago

@Heavy Everyone saying the X1 is weaker but what I saw at E3, I beg to differ.

You can continue to play that weak console VS strong console but fact of the matter is X1 and PS4 multiplats looked the same and they looked great. As well as there exclusives.

So tell me what game did you see that looks better on PS4?

Mystogan2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )


PS4 can't do the same kind of cloudproccesing that Xbox One has. anything can do cloudprocessing but not as well as Xbox One

The Xbox Ones system was built for it.

xHeavYx2008d ago

So, because you think the DEMOS of the games looked similar, the PS4 is not more powerful? Haven't you checked the specs? Don't you think that 1st party games on the PS4 will wipe the floor when compared to the Xbox first party games like it has always been?
Educate yourself son, stop living "on the cloud"

koolaid2512008d ago

You have to be always connected to take advantage of the cloud!!!

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KUV19772008d ago

Sure it does. You install a game, never ever need the disc again. You can access it from anywhere in the world via your account. You can share it with up to 10 people. How in the world would you maintain a system like that if you wouldn't bind the games to an account and check it's status online for eligibility. It is basically an online-only-distribution system, only you get a disc and cover as 'bonus' to carry you over until you only buy digital anyway - which is coming. It may be a few years till then but it will come.

I am a PS4 supporter and won't buy an XBox-One, but not because of this. I think the system holds great potential with minor annoyances. I am also confident they will reduce the checks pretty early on. The biggest problem MS has at this point is that they are utterly incompetent as communication goes. Unless you read every piece of information on the internet you wouldn't even know about the 'no disc swapping - sharing with 10 people'-feature, because they never announced it in any public event.

Software_Lover2008d ago

They really need better PR people. It was better when Peter was there. The ps5 will be a digital system just like the XBone. You can copy this remark, save it, do whatever you like because I can 100% guarantee it. Microsoft is not afraid of the backlash now because they know its the future. It sucks, but its the future.

BlackTar1872008d ago


Can you pelase link me to clear talk ont he 10? What i've read is 10 is a number the devs can chose to have up to.

Also why punish used games market and implement this feature in with NSA? You lose more money this way in the long run buy people setting up buy groups. There is a reason this info is so vague and that's because they chose not to disclose ti all yet. WHY IS THAT? Why is this super awesome feature not highlighted to the public? maybe cause its too good to be true in the way people are interpreting it.

Im all for the advantage but when you purposly don't show off something that sounds amazing then their is something their.

Like maybe a license fee for the people in that group to play the game. Stuff like this is left cloudy for what reason by MS?

KUV19772008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I don't have much clearer info than anyone else.

Her is an interesting link:

And here is the infamous anoynmous MS-insider who says that there is no fee.

There will probably be restrictions but I don't think there will be a fee. From all I've read so far you can play and one person of the 10 at the same time. I think that sounds like a nice deal. I think it shoudl be interesting what they will communicate until release. Communication thus far has been terrible.

BlackTar1872008d ago

Thanks KUV yes im not anymore aware then i was but thanks for the calm response.

Next Gen is coming :)

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Walker2008d ago

Patrick O'Rourke says: "For the last two console generations, I’ve been primarily an Xbox gamer."

WoW this article is from a xbox gamer !

PositiveEmotions2008d ago

Great another ps4 vs xb1 hmm

josephayal2008d ago

Microsoft have made a limited and anti-consumer console, But I know I'm going to get an Xbox One eventually

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