Xbox 360 and PS3 disc changer shown at E3, next-gen version planned

TechSpot: While most of the attention at this year's E3 was focused on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there were plenty of other companies hanging around the show floor showing off their goods. One such company is Exeo Entertainment, which displayed a product called the Extreme Gamer XG 10 that's designed to let gamers load up to ten Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 discs at a time, so there is no need to get up and switch between them

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Hellsvacancy1981d ago

Would come in very handy for the 360

Mikey322301981d ago

I dont see how this is practical for the new Xbox One because you no longer need the disc in the console to play a game.

I WISH the PS4 had that feature :/ But i understand that's part of the 24 hour check-in and we dont want that.

TheBrit1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

current gen its fine, next gen xbox one not so much unless it works for movies also

kneon1981d ago

It is possible to have game installs and not require the disk to play and still not have to phone home every 24hrs. But you would have to give up some of the other features that the XB1 offers.

mediate-this1981d ago

pretty sure it is for current gen consoles

Dlacy13g1981d ago

handy for the 360 and PS3 for sure...not really needed for the Xbox One....and I doubt for the PS4. Does anyone know if PS4 disc games will have optional full install or will that be up to dev still?

faysal1981d ago

it has been fixed.. it was their sever not the game it self.. UPDATE THE ARTICLE.

Hellsvacancy1981d ago

"UPDATE THE ARTICLE" what are you on about buddy?

King_Slayer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

He's on the wrong article, obviously... What faysal is commenting about, at least what I think he's commenting about, has to do with the save glitch on The Last of Us.

sashimi1981d ago

Coming from homer that really means something lol

denawayne1981d ago

This thing is about 20 years too late. I've been asking for this for a while. Not going to need it now. I'm getting the Xbox One which switches games seamlessly (unlike this thing which needs to load up each disc when accessed). As for PS4, well.....

fsfsxii1981d ago

Definitely justifies the DRM and used games blocking & and the extra 100$

ShAkKa1981d ago

Or you can just buy the game digitally which will be quite a common option for next gen systems.

brianunfried1981d ago

Might be good to have to save wear on your internal drive.

dantesparda1980d ago

Very hard for half of these lazy fvcks!

threefootwang1981d ago

Honestly people, how hard is it to get up and change a disc? Its like Kinect 2.0, pushing buttons with your remote/controller is clearly too difficult for some people, so now all you have to so is say the words out loud!

lazy and stupidity seem to be sharing the same lines.

TheTimeDoctor1981d ago

some people have actual home theater setups where everything is tucked nicely away. All my equipment is a floor below. I wish it had more than just 10 disks.

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The story is too old to be commented.