The Xbox One Question: Why Did Microsoft Do It?

GI - Xbox One's DRM has given Microsoft its toughest ride at E3 in years - but the logic that led here is understandable, if mistaken.

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JoGam2010d ago

Thats the question all my friends are asking.

xHeavYx2010d ago

Because they are greedy, and because of that they will go down

zeal0us2010d ago

Some say greed, others say for the developers and publishers who's been whining about piracy and used games for years.

Honestly the whole thing seems like a terrible gamble, to me. The 360 sold over 77million consoles, 40 million of those console buyer used XBL at some given time. Now that leaves 37million never getting online or using XBL. So MS is willing gamble almost half their consumer base to push this new agenda.

They must think the LiveTV and streaming will garner new users. If people want a device for streaming they will get Roku, Apple TV or etc not a X1. Those devices tend to be cheaper compared to a $500 console. Some to most people streaming tv don't really care about gaming. Not only that most will think its pretty silly they have to pay $60(or less)on top of paying $500 to access services they already pay for and or get free.

MS goal should be to get their console out to many people as possible not screw over their consumer base.

RiPPn2010d ago

Developers are coming out of the woodwork to say they don't agree with this. Even EA had an article about how the online passes hurt them more than helped. And then there have been articles that Microsoft presented this to developers and not the other way around. When Microsoft started getting heat they tried to deflect it by throwing developers under the bus. Glad to see developers backing away from Microsoft because they want no part of the sh-t storm.

Fairchild Channel F2010d ago

Money and the promise of future money. End of story. It's not hard to understand.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

stupid and cocky.

Research and development was a waste of money for them.

Get ur xbox day 1 pre order in now cuz day 1 ps4's are sold out.

Only after launch ps4's are for pre order but xbox can be pre ordered now. Not many want it though

Also it seems Bungies game has more pre orders on ps4.

after launch xbox's are #54 on amazon while after launch ps4's are #3 on amazon.

GamersHeaven2010d ago

Destiny is the next Halo for PS4 looks great running on PS4 hardware.

xxLuckyStrike2010d ago

almost too Halo Like but it Does look sweet on an epic next gen scale

xxLuckyStrike2010d ago

Greed Money.. But they got too greedy and anyone with since will tell them to FUK OFF!! MS you can take that DRM 24hr check and Kinect2 and cram it up your a$$

Neoninja2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Very good good article. Some pretty good answers and opinions in the comment section of the article as well.
In the short term it appears as if MS shot itself in the foot, but when looking at the bigger picture, the long term they might be on to something.A lot of this is very reminiscent of the early days of steam. Took a bit for them to get going, but look at the praise steam gets now. Communication is key and they didn't communicate their vision well at all. They're is still plenty of time til launch for them to explain better what they're trying to do.
Its my personal belief that if they pull off what they're trying to do then we may see steam like sales in which case would be very beneficial to the consumer.
I don't have a problem anymore with what they're doing with the drm now that I took the time to read about it, and understand it.
However the 24hr check needs to change. I know it's to stop copying and what not, but there is a much better solution.
Have the disk in the system to play the game offline for however amount of time you want. When you're playing digital without the disk then implement the 24hr check. Since they said their policies are possible to change, that would be one major change I'd like to see. Also when the Ps3 launched look at the hate it got and it turned things around quite nicely as well. So in the long run I think MS will be okay, but better communication is a must.

denawayne2010d ago

I agree with you. MS really needs to do a better job of explaining why the DRM is in place. I'll spell it out again for those who don't get it.

- installing all games to hard drive for instant access and instant switching between games. No getting up to swap discs.

- accessing any and all your games from any Xbox One

- lending games to friends without ever going to their house.

Elit3Nick2010d ago

I also think that the drm is to counter modded consoles since that was a huge problem this gen, but if it is true then they could have easily made it a once a week check or maybe even longer, hopefully they choose at least to extend the online check time so it seems less restricting, although it won't affect me since I have excellent connection

RiPPn2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Microsoft can beat their chest and say they are just going to be like steam all they want. But nobody trusts them and for good reason. You just have to look at how they ran their store on 360. Unlike steam, xbox live arcade games started being 400 points. and near then end they ballooned to some being 1600 points. This is completely opposite to how steam operates. And then if we take a look at Games on Demand, there are games in the bargain bin at retailers for 5$ still sitting at 40$. Why would anyone trust that it will be different on the Xbox One where there is even less competition than there is now? Wish people were smarter than to buy in to this crap Microsoft is shoveling.

theWB272010d ago

Because unlike the other two console makers...Micro has enough money to take this big of a chance on pushing a device that may have a come a gen too soon. Sony couldn't stand another PS3 situation where it lost so much money on each console...Nintendo never makes a console where it pushes the limits anyway.

If this pays off the way Micro hopes...then they'll be ahead of the curb next-next gen.

GamersHeaven2010d ago

Microsoft been ripping off Xbox fans for years they thought they could get away with it without anybody question it.

xxLuckyStrike2010d ago

You said it my man.. Been with Xbox since 2001. Think I got 1 free movie in that time span. Though XBL's game servers seems more consistent during multiplayer Sonys Return Value on PSN is 10x better

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