WC - Grid 2 Review

WC - Codemasters’ sequel to Race Driver: Grid is all about giving gamers a chance to race around some of the most famous tracks in the world, in some of the most high powered cars ever made. For me, car racing games must have a variety of vehicles and tracks as well as having plenty of extra challenges, something the first game did very well. A sequel has got to do one thing for me, improve on everything. The gameplay has to be better, the graphics have to look sharper and the overall experience has to be more exciting.

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NioRide1979d ago

Just got off of playing it again, Have 35 hours played on it right now, the game is a lot of fun, my only real gripe is that the AI is far to aggressive from time to time, Its like playing someone who wants to wreck you on purpose.

They will shunt you, brake check you, and will just use you as a wall, and this is really annoying in the Touge races when no matter what happens if the AI touches you, you are at fault and lose, even if they go ball out into a (1) turn.

Fil1011979d ago

I picked it up last friday and in all honesty I didn't think I would play another driving game since GT5, This game is so much fun it's very addictive and the graphics are up there with the best.

iistuii1979d ago

Got it on PC, great game, looks incredible maxed out. Best £17-99 I've spent in a long time.