You Might Have Some Trouble Getting A PS4 This Year

Did you pre-order the PS4 when the price was announced this week? No? Well, you might have some trouble getting one then.

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blackbeld1983d ago

"You Might Have Some Trouble Getting A PS4 This Year"

I have no problem with waiting for next shipment.

PS4 is the console I want. So no problem.

Abash1983d ago

I was very fortunate to get a Launch Edition PS4 reserved on Amazon

Snookies121983d ago

Same here, went to Amazon right after that conference lol.

teedogg801983d ago

Got mine reserved at Gamestop. Along with Killzone SF, Driveclub and Watchdogs.

Philoctetes1983d ago

Same here. Glad I preordered early.

jdktech20101983d ago

Me too....lucky I did too because the next morning they were sold out.

Can't wait for xx-xx-2013 to get my PS4.

King_Slayer1983d ago

Pre ordered at Best Buy Tuesday morning paid in full. I'm good to go and I can't effing wait.

morganfell1983d ago

I ordered two and split my orders to insure my chances. One from Amazon and one from Best Buy, both with cameras and I recieved launch confirmation emails on both. I almost wore out the F5 key on my keyboard making sure I was in the first wave.

majedx91983d ago

and me too, got confirmation from Amazon it is Launch Edition PS4. ; )

steven83r1983d ago

It all comes down to how many Sony can manufacture. But if all else fails just walk into Walmart at midnight and pick one up. Same for Target, Sams club, Costco, Frys, Staples possibly, Kmart, Sears, Sony store and so on.

Panthers1983d ago

Gamestop promised me a launch console so I better get one. Luckily the Gamestop here isnt too busy so I was able to pre-order a few days after E3

mistertwoturbo1983d ago

Dang it I didn't pre-order fast enough

TheRacingX1983d ago

Pre ordered at Gamestop, I'm in the cue for a launch date PS4 + Killzone SF and since I'm a PS+ member I'll be getting Driveclub as well....jenga

trancefreak1983d ago

Yup me too! PS4 2013 Launch edition :)

We're all on the PS4 train WooT WooT!

0ut1awed1983d ago

Still looking for a launch day ps4 pre-order? You are in luck!

ssj271983d ago

I got mine to.. but did not got any extra control or game.. if anything and i got a hard time finding a game i guess I will download it from the PSN KZSF is a game I will keep with me forever and not trade anyways so is not a big deal to have it digitally ..

and I don't see the need on having a extra DS4 sine PES14 is not coming and I will get one one PES15 comes out.. I don't think any of this games have split screen anyways..

Syntax-Error1983d ago

Paid off and excited as a shit. BF4 as close to PC as possible. IM STOKED

Boody-Bandit1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

A heads up for those that pre-ordered thru Amazon. Amazon just sent me an email last night a few hours after enquiring about my PS4 pre-order June 10thafter all the launch / standard confusion.

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for pre-ordering the PlayStation 4. Yesterday we made a change to the name of the product by adding "Launch" and "Standard" editions, which may have caused confusion for some of our customers.

We are writing to confirm that you ordered the "Launch Edition," which is Release-Day Delivery eligible. All other aspects of the two editions are identical.

You do not need to take any action or make any changes to your current order."

So don't panic if you ordered your PS4 and are wondering if you will get the first batch. If you didn't receive the email I did? Just contact Amazon and see what response you get.

I don't want to end up having to camp out over night like I did the last few launches. So I played it safe and pre-ordered 2 from Best Buy direct as well.

mikeslemonade1983d ago

Grrrr I got the standard edition from Amazon and it says I don't get it until January 2014.

But anyway being sold out gives the system better appeal like the PS2.

Armyntt1983d ago

Reserved 6, 4 different bundles. 1 for me :)

Narutone661983d ago

I'm so jealous of you who live in America and UK, PS4 will launch first in your region. While we, who live in Asia and other regions have to wait. Good thing Sony is still supporting the PS3 and releasing great games to tide us over until PS4 releases in our regions.

RandomGamer1983d ago

Same here,when I pre ordered it I only had one option, then I got an email saying they changed to standard and launch, and I had Launch , So happy after getting that email.

koston36471983d ago

Me too!

GameStop PS4, Killzone, Watch Dogs, AC4, and BF4!

BattleAxe1983d ago

Just reserved my PS4 today at EB Games, and its good that I did it today, because today was their cut -off for receiving my PS4 on the day of release.

indysurfn1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

dang it Microsofty if your xbox one didn't hunt old nuns to take their donations back to its lair. I think more sellouts, I mean dummies would buy it, and I would be able to not only switch over to Sony, but I would be able to get it on day one. But no every person that will stand up for their rights over loyalty to a brand is jumping ship with me. which means there is no way sony can keep up. I have left your fold, and your still accidently screwing me by being so greedy and graby bad. jerks!

darkness6251983d ago

What does the launch edition offer.

blackpanther251983d ago

Preordered mine today at GameStop since I live in "the middle of nowhere" city Pa.

Chris_GTR11983d ago

im buying a ps4 and all but i never really understood the rush to buy next gen consoles. theres no games for em other than lame launch titles not to mention launch consoles always end up messing up.

then theres the whole forking over money for ps+ to play possibly 1-2 ps4 games for the next 6 mo's.

indysurfn1983d ago

@blackpanther25 There is a 99.9999% chance that you are a kkk. Because most black racist aren't stupid enough to try to incite the majority to bold faced racism. It is usually a white supremist that pretends to be a minority racist, and I say that as a understatement. Go back to Microsofts layer!

inveni01982d ago

Got notified this morning that my Standard Edition was automatically upgraded to Launch Edition with release date shipping.

I frick'n love Amazon.

KontryBoy7061982d ago

yeah me too I was lucky to get the launch edition. I pre ordered on Amazon as soon as the conference was over

Flipflopp1982d ago

I had 3 pre ordered. One at Amazon, Bestbuy, and Gamestop. I have 2 now. Cancelled the Amazon one. Dont want to take a chance with shipping or damage happening. I got store pickup on the other two.

Cha0tik1982d ago

Yeah, Me too! Can't wait to receive my console on launch day!

Reibooi1982d ago

for me I will do what I can to get one for launch but I want stress about it. The game I really want it for right out the game is Infamous Second Son and that won't be coming on launch but a little into Q1 of next year so as long as I can get my hands on one before that point then I'm happy.

TVippy1982d ago

I'll happily let you idiots beta test it for me. :-)

papashango1982d ago

launch edition ps4 and Xbone here

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blackbeld1983d ago

Das gif is Epic.



elhebbo161983d ago

Sony is throwing money out the window?

avengers19781983d ago

Pre ordered fully paid for awaiting firm release date from Sony so I can plan a week of vacation

NaAsAr1983d ago

i am waiting on a firm date as well. but i will take only a couple of days ;)

OcelotRigz1983d ago

Ahhh remember how i took the day off when PS3 was released, which was a Friday here in ireland so i had the whole weekend.
Cant wait!

Narutone661983d ago

I saw a rumor somewhere, that the release date for the PS4 is 3 days before Black Friday. November 26, 2013, an online wholesaler accidentally published the date. This wholesaler supplies electronic devices including PS4 and Xbox One, to Amazons, Best Buy, etc. I don't know if it is just a placeholder, but since it's so close to Black Friday, it is plausible.

LackTrue4K1983d ago

It sucks I have to wait a bit more...on the plus side!!!
"Picking up The last of Us today!!!!!"

jonboi241983d ago

Hahaha Greatness Awaits for me on launch day......pre-ordered the first moment I could

Muffins12231983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

WHEN will the next shipment be?I couldn't get launch edition so i got stranded,also could it be possible for amazon to be able to get more launch units?So if i pre order the standard edition would it be switched to the launch edition if they relies they get more in for launch?I pre ordered mine right after the launch edition became unavailable.

0ut1awed1983d ago

I posted this above but I believe this is relevant to you...

ZombieKiller1983d ago

Reserved at trouble here. where there's a will...there's a way. The people that wanted it that bad, made it a point already to reserve one.....and no I don't mean Xbox one..

Rhaigun1983d ago

That's what I did. Showed up at GameStop at 10am. I was the first one there, and the first on the reserve list.

showtimefolks1983d ago

Not sure I want to buy he at launch but most likely will

Can't imagine how these thing will sell on ebay though lol. I have few friends in Europe and they were telling me to sold out everywhere. Europe is more PS territory and we are forgetting about Japan

Damn Sony make sure you make as many consoles as possible people want one and will buy one

Sayai jin1983d ago

LOL. why were your fortunate. You paid for it.

PurpHerbison1983d ago

Good thing I am going to start looking into getting one in 2014.

90Supra1983d ago

I won't be having any trouble. Got 2 of them reserved at my local gamestop. Pre-order #1 and #3.


KwietStorm1983d ago

How is it 1 and 3? You got out of line and went back?

dp2774071983d ago

I'm thinking gamestop has a limit of one unit per person so maybe he had someone else get his 2nd idk.

SDS Gamerfiend1983d ago

Pre-ordered day 1 at bestbuy!!!

Foliage1983d ago

You might not get one second shipment as well.

Amazon sold out almost immediately for the PS4 launch shipment; the "standard version" was posted for pre-order soon after. This standard version signifies the second shipment and beyond. Amazon is reporting that the Standard shipment can no longer be guaranteed; due to the high volume.

PS4 is selling out multiple shipments.

Spontogical1983d ago

That word is so awesome 'shipments' haha have no idea why it makes me laugh :p

medman1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Especially considering Infamous Second Son is expected in January 2014. I can wait till after Christmas, if I have to. Although it would be painful not to be able to play Watch Dogs on PS4. But I will gladly wait.

MYSTERIO3601983d ago

Any one else pre-order from Game? not gamestop

b_one1983d ago

still there are lots of ppl who want xbone coz of one game...

blackbeld1983d ago

You mean TitanFall?

Eventually it will come to PS4 too. All EA games are multiplats.

I am sure this is another time exclusive deal from M$oft.

I know how it feels man. It s*cks but I can deal with it.

b_one1982d ago

games are just a bait, i dont want to be held hostage by xbone policies... steam like prices? yeah right...

greenlantern28141982d ago

got mine paid off at gamestop however this means i will be waiting in line. but i will be the first person in that line. just please tell me the day it is coming so i know what days to take off work.

3-4-51982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Not money for it at Launch, but I also want to play BF4 ASAP, so I'll be getting one early 2014 probably.

I've got BF3 on my xbox + 3DS + Fifa/PES in Sep. & Total War: Rome 2 via PC to hold me over in the mean time.

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HK5A1983d ago

I was going for X1 but the more I read posts about it
the more I hate it, I'm buying a PS4 because MS fucked me as gamer.

I will buy the X1 in Q1/Q2 2014, the console have great titles....... But ps4 will be my main.

greenlantern28141982d ago

dont buy it at all. i to think that they had some great looking games but trust me if no one buys xb1 all the 3rd party exclusives they had will jump to ps4. or hope that ms will take away all the crap people have stated they really dont want. think about it if they did not have to package a kinect 2 in every xb1 then they could drop the price which is another thing people are not happy with

yesmynameissumo1983d ago

Not me. Got 2 launch consoles pre-ordered.