PSX Extreme: Highlander Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "This all new Highlander game is the first one in 14 years. It's being put together by Widescreen, and published by Eidos. It'll be a third-person action-adventure title where you take control of an Immortal. In this all new iteration, you will be thrown into the ongoing conflict among other Immortals, and you'll span 2000 years worth of time. Hey, after all, you are immortal.

You'll battle it out in four enormous locations, split up into 18 missions. The locations will include New York, Pompeii, Japan, and the Highlands. And as you progress, you'll surely come across a variety of familiar characters from the Highlander series, as well as experience epic sword combat, epic battles, and what Eidos promises to be lush, and historical locales."

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longduckdong3767d ago

and lots of movie based games this year not based off of the movies.