PS4 vs Xbox One: 5 Reasons To Buy The PS4

Having watched both E3 press events and read reams of news posts, features, and opinion pieces on both offerings, Dave is going for the PS4. Dave may buy an Xbox One in the future, but it’s looking unlikely, quite frankly. Sony has him opening his wallet and preparing to shove my money in its pockets.
When it comes to the PS4 vs Xbox One, here are the reasons why Dave chose to buy the PS4 instead of the Xbox One, and why Dave thinks you should do so as well

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Freedomland1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Sony really saved console gamming this time around, we have to buy PS4 to support them.
Old school console gamming, ROCK ON!

JoGam1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

So true. Thing is there are some Xbox fanboys who are just as stubborn as MS. For example they are pissed about the restrictions but are so stubborn to buy a PS4. Not all but some. maybe more like one. My brother...LOL

Captain Qwark 91981d ago

different people, different opinions. it has nothing to do with being stubborn, they just arent bothered with any of its restrictions like myself

JoGam1980d ago

@ Captain Qwark....Question since you're not being bother with restrictions are you getting a PS4? If not Why?

guitarded771980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Here's another reason... A pic from E3 showing someone working on an XBOX One kiosk. Notice the screen. They should have working prototypes at this close to launch.

Captain Qwark 91980d ago


ill get a ps4 but not until later next year probably. i typically buy all the consoles. that said im getting an X1 first. reasons.....

1. games. i am more impressed with the x1 line up than ps4's. i want forza, dead rising 3, halo 5, titanfall, ryse, and im curious about insomniacs new game sunset overdrive. other non exclusive titles would be bf4, cod ghost, dragon age 3, destiny, and the witcher 3. half of those games are exclusive though and games are my number reason for owning a console. and before everyone gets pissed, im not saying the line up is better than sony's, im just saying these games appeal to me more.

2. im excited for all digital, discless gaming. i like the idea of my entire games library being accessible anywhere without me needing the disc. also like the family sharing aspect.

3. kinect isnt good for gaming but im a big fan of using it when viewing media. also like the idea of seamless switching between tv, games, and movies.

4. i prefer the xbox controller by a wide wide wide margin.

5. its restrictions dont bother me. i dont buy used often, i never trade games in. always online is no biggie, my 360 is always online when my net goes out ill use my phone to check in.

6. $100 difference. this sucks but at the same time, im already dropping a large amount of money, whats another 100. i know that price is mostly because of kinect but in trying to be positive about it, since it will now have a %100 adoption rate, maybe, just maybe, the devs will actually utilize it well for games? time will tell on that one. either way i use it for #3.

now you know my reasons, explain to me why im "stubborn" or why a ps4 would be better for me, esp since games is not a good argument as i liek x1's line up better

xJumpManx1980d ago

@Captain Qwark 9, I agree 100%. I am not a kinect fan or use it all at this time though. I think you should have also included the smartglass features I love that it and it has been helpful in many games already. I have the WiiU and I pre ordered the ps4 and xbox one , but I am looking forward to the xbox one the most.

guitarded771980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

@ xJumpManx

Sony has confirmed that PS4 will have similar integration with smart phones and tablets, so they will both have that feature. Just sayin'. EDIT: I didn't disagree with you, just making sure the feature set is pointed out correctly.

Here's the link with the feature about 3/4 way down...

defyenz1980d ago

It is not anybody's job to convince people which console they should buy or support.Let them make their choices.let them find out for themselves.There will always be as you said stubborn or hard headed individuals.That's just the way things are.As for myself,I am planning to support both bcoz of the games exclusivity on each platform.

JoGam1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

@ Captain Qwark 9 I hear u and understand. However you seem like you're not bothered by the restrictions, the always online factor, and DRM. If thats the case then you had to be excited with MS E3 showing, right? At least up to Sonys showing, right? Would you say thats fair to say? If so, then I dont see a problem why you wouldn't buy the Xbox One. Yes I understand the X1 is $100 more than the PS4 but when you heard of the price at MS conference be honest, it didn't bother you. It only bothered you when you heard Sonys price. Why would Sonys price point bother you? You don't like their exclusive games, you don't like the controller and up to Sonys conference, you thought the price was right for the Xbox One. The same price as the 360 at launch. All Im saying is I think some people are stubborn. Also you're getting more in terms of hardware than the PS4 which may justify the $100 difference.

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marchinggamer1981d ago ShowReplies(3)
LNDCalling1981d ago

1 Reason... It's not an Xbox One! '.'

manny1up1981d ago

Xboxone is DEAD on arrival , serve you right micro$oft with ya anti-consumer policies .

PositiveEmotions1981d ago

Not to start anythin but this ps4 vs exboxDone is getting annoying we all know ps4 won

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