Edge: Lost: The Videogame Review

Edge writes: "Lost feels truncated to the extreme, a grand tutorial to island living violently cut off when the credits roll after four hours.

Lost is a bridge-burner of a television show; every grand revelation voids a chunk of past speculation. With future answers too valuable an asset for the show's makers to simply share with Ubisoft Montreal, the developer is instead forced to craft a tale out of narrative leftovers, a stale retelling of the first two seasons from a new pair of eyes.

Waking with no idea of who you are – "amnesia" offers Dr Shephard after poking your head for three seconds – Lost sets you off on your own little jaunt to discover your identity. Motivated by elements of your past that crashlanded on the island along with you – ghostly apparitions and the more pressing issue of a nutcase with a rifle – the game largely consists of cajoling the show's famous faces into helping you unlock your past."

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