Mass Confusion: Mass Effect 3's Crippling Identity Crisis

Mass Effect 3 is renowned as a fantastic action RPG. But by looking first at what defines RPG, Mass Effect 3 starts to look less like a narrative-based action RPG and more like a game that doesn't know WHAT it is, throwing in a bunch of different elements to try and please everyone, while not doing anything particularly well.

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Saints942009d ago

In the end, only the multiplayer made me stay for a long time.

2009d ago
Godmars2902009d ago

And yet EA and Bioware want to try and push a second series.

Blankolf2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I am still crying, hoping for the Indocrination (Game Saving) theory to be confirmed... How else can the Shepard survive a space through atmosphere drop to earth and be surround by debrees if not the theory that states he never left earth...

How God how can a game be so awesome and so devastating at the same time