TheSixthAxis Reviews GT 5 Prologue

TheSixthAxis say at £25 this is an absolute steal, and not to listen to anyone saying this is only a demo, it's not - it's worth every penny and is only going to get bigger an better given the support the Japanese version is seeing. Buy it, enjoy it, and see you on the track.

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resistance1003737d ago

They got ripped off, most places sell it for £19.99 even on the high street. I'm just gald i have my copy already ^________________^

Marcello3737d ago

Anyone know wat support the Japanese have gotten so far ? the review states this but i hadnt heard of anything the Japanese have gotten after release ?

nofilter3737d ago

I meant the online functionality and various patches.

beardtm3737d ago

How many tracks are there in GT5 Prologue?

Is the Top Gear test track in it?

Spinner3737d ago

Six. Top gear track will be in GT5, not Prologue.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33737d ago

£17.99 i saw it somewhere;-P

novaIS3503737d ago

Joey Gladston, Bill Gates, and Now the Japanese Knight himself... ken f-ing kutaragi. You guys are ridiculous.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33737d ago

£17.99 i have seen it for!!!;-P

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