How Microsoft Broke my Heart

NoobFeed Editor Adam dedicated himself to the Microsoft's Xbox consoles since he decided to trade in his PS2 to get the giant black box. Ever since he has purchased every third-party game for the Xbox 360 and paid the premium service fee solely to advance his Gamertag. But during E3 in 3 hours his desire to increase his digital score and retain his Xbox identity was gone.

"8 years of gaming and 100,000 Achievements points gone in 3 hours."

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NYC_Gamer1982d ago

I really wanted to own both next gen consoles but XB1 isn't worth my cash based on MS anti consumer policy

komp1982d ago

Well now you should understand what will happen when you leave Apple.

Man, why do people tie themselves into such things... are they sleepwalking around all their life?

Paying for your own slavery, to a system, there only to extract from you is beyond words.

urwifeminder1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I have 116,000 im sticking with them it doesn't bother me one bit its the only console im buying as pc gaming is the place to be atm all multiplats I will buy for pc unless they are very cheap although Mario cart 8 may convince me to get a wii u.

medman1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

That's right buddy. Ride that dead horse right into it's coffin. Before you know it, you'll discover you can't breathe. Then it's all over. It's pretty pathetic if a gamerscore is the reason you will subject yourself to Microsoft's anti-consumer policies. Maybe you need to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself what kind of person you are. The kind to bend over and take it? Or the kind to grow a spine and stand up for yourself and your rights for once in your life. Roll over for one dog, you can expect to roll over for the other dogs that catch wind and come a runnin', looking to take advantage of your weakness.

urwifeminder1982d ago

Wow you take this thing really serious I just play games im not your buddy I am a fan of xbox and nothing can change that.