Sony Wins Day 1 of E3 2013 by Giving Gamers What We Want

MediaStinger: "While Microsoft started the day out at their E3 2013 press conference by not addressing any of the controversies caused by their disastrous Xbox One reveal event three weeks ago, Sony ended Day 1 of E3 by addressing everyone’s fears and telling gamers exactly what they wanted to hear in some of the greatest E3 moments of all time."

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mirroredge1865d ago

Wrong Microsoft's e3 games are amazing

ANIALATOR1361865d ago

The best thing they showed was Metal Gear Solid V and that's multiplatform

GamersHeaven1865d ago

I agree also MGS5 will be superior on the PS4 :)

BullyMangler1865d ago

infamous gameplay for the ps4 was so freakin rad

but nintendo = bayonetta gameplay damn outrageous boss fights and gamepad stylus controlls that amazingly work!, and new Donkey Kong game damn sweet original IMMERSIVE bLasting gameplay and fuzzy hairs the DK, and Monolith soft X makes developers jelous ha!, smash bros = megaman? yeah, Wonderful 101 new INTUATIVE gamepad mechanics, mario kart 8 plays next GEN, pikmin 3 plays next GEN etc etc

nintendo did better than the rest because they had more DETAILS and MORE GAMEPLAY of their games rather a bunch of trailers < (: except for their underwhelming new mario wiiU game poop

microsoft = generic caca

= Nintendo did better than ALL < fact

Enemy1864d ago

You know it's bad when Microsoft has to rely on 3rd parties to make games for them. They don't own TitanFall or Dead Rising.

RiPPn1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Sony showed diverse games and that was more amazing. We got indie games, open world games, jrpg's, shooters, adventure, free to play... Sure Microsoft showed AAA stuff, but most was multiplatform and/or boring cookie cutter crap.

MysticStrummer1864d ago

"Wrong Microsoft's e3 games are amazing"

Who had the better games is entirely subjective.

To me, the best things MS showed were MGS5 which is already a multi-plat and Titanfall which will most likely eventually be a multi-plat. Quantum Break has potential for sure though.

1864d ago
NameRemoved00171864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

If Valve would of shown off half life 3 running on steam boxes on open gl 4.3 on linux they would of won.

PositiveEmotions1864d ago

Damn i love the crouds reactions :) puts a big smile on my face :)