Many People Buy Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G

Kotaku writes: This morning, PSP title Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G went on sale in Japan. Around Tokyo, folks lined up early to purchase the eagerly awaited sequel. (Japan certainly loves lining up!)

At the Bic Camera in Ikebukuro, there was already over 200 people in line by 9:30am. In Yurakucho, 200 people also lined up in front of the Bic Camera. Something like 400 people waited at the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, while at the Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku, a whopping 600 folks waited patiently to snag MHP 2ndG. Keep in mind that a Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP bundle also went on sale, meaning that it wasn't only Capcom who had a big sales day."

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sonarus3706d ago

why o why did capcom send this to the wii. the most handicapped of the 3 online consoles

mighty_douche3706d ago

What? why go with the Console with the largest install base and lowest development cost?

Wonder why....

v1c1ous3706d ago

1) MH is HUUUUGE in japan, where the wii has the biggest userbase of all 3 consoles

2) i am sure a large percentage of wii owners will buy MH, its almost reached FF like status of recognition

3) capcom signed a bad deal with nintendo, and can't breach their contract

4) 360/ps3 would have made MH a beautiful sight to behold, but you know....

v1c1ous3706d ago

Monster Hunter's appeal is being able to play with others.

I consider MH to be the spiritual succesor to Phantasy Star Online on dreamcast/gamecube/xbox. not that crappy PSU

there's nothing more fun than you and 3 of your buddies killign a wyvern the size of a semi-truck for body parts.

of course, MH was never a series that relied on heavy graphics, so that aspect of being on the wii never bothered me. neither did the concept of the control system.

what DOES have me capabalities.

we have seen in Brawl that nintendo HATES having people fully interact with strangers online.

i am SCARED that MH3 will have you party with 3 random people, who you can't even see their name, can't speak to/text, and otherwise make it tough to hang our with your friends.

and MH without online is...well...its still good know.

sumfood4u3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Same as Star Wars is a hit in America! Diffrent countrys diffrent taste!

v1c1ous3706d ago

star wars is also pretty popular in japan :/

crck3706d ago

Thousands of people waiting in line on a weekday for a game release. They're treating it like a system launch. I sense gigantic PSP sales this week.

Baba19063706d ago

im sure ps3 will sooner or later get one too.

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