Grand Theft Auto 5: Police Will Use 'Advanced Tactics'

GR - "It seems GTA 5's AI is a step above its predecessor."

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Number-Nine1859d ago

But what about the fish AI? How advanced are their tactics?

US8F1859d ago

LOOOOL, the best comment today. The timing was so right!

xHeavYx1859d ago

Well, since the game is coming out for PS3 and 360, there is no enough technology to make the fish move out of the way /s

Hydrolex1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I bet you all there are k9 dogs in this game !! Obvious by just reading that comment, and since there are dogs in this game, I don't see why there wouldn't be K9s !

and damn, that's a nice SUV cop, can't wait to roll around the city in that lol

HammadTheBeast1859d ago

Sadly these unadvanced and lame fish only move side to side.


Saksoy1859d ago

What i can see from this is that you are going to get swamped by police much more faster and its going to be hard to shake them off. Could be good you never know.

stage881859d ago

Show us some GAMEPLAY already!

Sorry, I'm just really impatient. Good news.

RioKing1858d ago

It'll be months before you see gameplay

MatriXcian1859d ago

Yeah id much rather the police be realistic in their pursuits, it always annoyed me that they would just run into you till your car died.

HammadTheBeast1859d ago

I'm not sure what else they'd do?

They also try moving in front of the car to block you.

josephayal1859d ago

I wont need a next gen console I will be to busy playing GTA5

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