Mario Kart E3 Gameplay Demo

Mario Kart 8 was announced at E3, and it features a new Galaxy-esque mechanic allowing players to drive upside down; that should make for some potentially interesting tracks! Check out some gameplay from E3 below:

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Donnieboi1981d ago

Whoa those graphics are pretty tight.

Moonman1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Correction: they are f'ing beautiful. ;p

loulou1981d ago

holy sh't

now imagine playing that with 7 of your friens on live or psn on an xbox 1 or ps4... and looking even better!!!!

where the f"ck is crash team racing????? thta is one series that needs to come back next gen

Neonridr1981d ago

can't wait. Looks awesome.

CaptainYesterday1981d ago

Looks so much better than Mario Kart 7 kind of puts it to shame!

Moonman1981d ago

Hey, MK7 is still 7th Heaven! This is just the 8th Wonder. :P

CaptainYesterday1981d ago

I still love me some me some Mario Kart 7 but this is a huge improvement!

sway_z1981d ago

Along with my pre-ordered PS4, I am soooo tempted to pick up a Wii U for this...OMG, my girlfriend and I would have a blast!!!

This is not the only Wii U game that has caught my attention.

Eyesoffiction1981d ago

Pick one up around the holidays, that is when key titles start rolling in.

sway_z1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Yeah for sure gamer friend, may even get a price cut *fingers crossed!

Go Mario Go!!!

Look at the graphics, and that colour pallet!!

(in Yoda voice)

'Play this in the dark, we must!!'

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The story is too old to be commented.