Xbox One May Not Be Able To Be Sold Used

Even more bad news for the Xbox One. Microsoft isn’t commenting on whether the system can be sold used right now. This is an odd thing because if it was able to be sold into the second hand market then they would come out and say it.

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JoGam1530d ago

Damn if true that's crazy. Things getting worse and worse.

wishingW3L1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

when you think something can't get any worse just remember, it can!

shivvy241530d ago

when you think something cant get any worse just remember someone in africa is being chased by a tiger

Skips1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Almost every announcement or leak for the Xbox One just points to doom for the console. Meanwhile, practically every announcement for the PS4 get better and better. lol. Either to the benefit of PS or a jab at Xbox.

What's next?

Sony announces that the PS4 can play used Xbox One games!?

DARK WITNESS1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

That would be a Lion dude, Lion... lolol

Just remember, when things can't get any worse... There is a poor kid in Africa with NO internet connection. He is going to be stuck with the xbox 360 for the rest of his life.

Serg1530d ago


Now that the hardware is so damn similar, you actually may be on to something here haha. The hardware wouldn't need to be emulated, which is the most performance taxing thing, just the OS backend...

Blachek1530d ago

Lol that would be funny.

Same hardware, developers, publishers, disc drives, inter connectivity... if MS ever decides that they are in the wrong industry it wouldn't take much to do an update and enable everything

abzdine1530d ago

i never thought it could get any worse than the few countries where the live will work!
this is clearly the best thing i have ever heard!!
good job guys

xHeavYx1530d ago

What's next? Xbox beating up little kids?

nix1530d ago

if you think something can't get worse just remember that someone is pushing the door instead of pulling it.

kneon1530d ago


Actually hippos kill more people than any other animal in Africa. But they don't do a lot of chasing, they just drag you into the water.

360degrees1530d ago Show
xHeavYx1530d ago

You seem like a mix between a fanboy and an used cars salesman, the funniest thing is that your profile says "I am in no way, shape, or form a so called "Fanboy". Right, that's what I thought after seeing your user ID.
I can give you plenty of reasons why someone would want to sell "their Xbox One console when it provides all aspects of ones gaming and entertainment needs"
1) Something happened to this person's internet and was offline for over 24 hours, then realized that he was stuck with a $500 brick.
2) Someone finally realized how much of a rip-off it is to pay for Xbox Gold.
3) This one using my crystal ball that lets me see the future, M$' fee for used games ends up being true and higher than normal.
4) People realize that the Xbox is not as powerful as the PS4 and decide to switch.
5) People also realize that true exclusives are better than time exclusive DLC.
Should I keep going?

mewhy321530d ago

Wow. I'm so glad that I'm going with PS4!!!!! Micro$oft is cutting it's own throat with this stuff.

Army_of_Darkness1530d ago

After replacing your xbone controller, your gonna have to pay an insertion fee in order for it to operate on your xbone console.

ABizzel11530d ago

If this is true I'm not buying one at all. This was the only way X1 was going to itself into my home, because I refuse to let MS make hundreds from me off of this console (I'll buy it used when it gets a price drop of at least $100).

JoySticksFTW1530d ago

I just saw an xbone push an old lady down a flight of stairs!!!

travelguy2k1530d ago

It really wouldn't make sense the M$ to block the sale of the system for 2 reasons.

1. If you want to sell it, you probably are not purchasing games for it. Since game sales are where they make their money they should want you to sell it on to another person who may in fact purchase games.

2. M$ might be losing money on the system for awhile, if you sell it forward to someone that will buy games, they did not lose money on the system sold a second time.

The second reason is a bit of a stretch though.

blackbeld1530d ago

True things getting very ugly for M$oft.

"I’m not sure why a major retailer like GameStop would even stock this console if it makes so many hoops for gamers looking for second hand content to jump through."

Gigaguy7771530d ago

1. There's no such thing as a "true exclusive" it's one way or the other. Exclusive or not.
2. The value of XBL Gold is the same as PS+ now, with the exception of being $10 more I think. So that's just flat out wrong.

Enemy1530d ago

Lmao! Another day, another perfect opportunity to sh*t all over Xbox Ones' never-ending flaws.

DragonKnight1530d ago

@Gigaguy: When Gold provides BRAND NEW games for free, or early beta invites, or basically everything PS+ offers for the same price, then you can say they are equal. As of now, they aren't PS+ is a MUCH better service.

Mounce1530d ago

It's like Microsoft wants to shoot themselves not even in the foot, but the face. They don't want to survive and want to be obliterated from the console scene - They just don't want to do it silently, they want to cause a huge commotion so people won't constantly whine at them about when the next console is coming out. No one will even want to ask now.

dredgewalker1530d ago

This is actually not an issue....who in their right mind would ever buy a second hand xbox one?

ThanatosDMC1530d ago

Just imagine if the console ends up having some sort of RROD... you cant have your own console back after the reset or maybe you even lose all your games.

loulou1529d ago

look at the voting... lol

this is getting ridiculous. i really cannot imagine this happening. anyway, i have no intention of reselling my xbox one once i have it

SecondSon1529d ago

I heard Xbox One stole a sandwich from a starving child in Hungary!

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komp1530d ago

It will get worse when the product is in the shops... kids all walking around saying 'xbox off' etc...

Then when in party chat if someone says it (sound from speakers) 'xbox off' over the mic and peoples xbox go off...

Is the xbox off or on darling? said the wife.

Xbox off course, said the kid when asked what console he was playing on.

My xbox OFF ers better value then your XYZ.

Is the internet down or is the XBOX off? Was the question to parents when the game would not play.

Man this is going to be fun for a while....

eclectified1530d ago

Crazy thing is, you're right. Whenever I'm on xbl with my friend talking about random stuff, he has to occasionally start yelling "cancel" at his kinect.

Last night was the best though because he said, " damn it man, I didn't even say xbox... sh!t, cancel!"

mediate-this1530d ago

I think shivvy needs to go back to school, Tigers are not in Africa, that's india, and lions are in Africa...but you already knew that/

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torchic1530d ago

don't people get tired of all these Microsoft news articles? it's all too much.

I'm jaded.

DiRtY1530d ago

If there is one website that knwos these things, it is!