Benchmarks of PC Assassin's Creed - DX10 faster

The NDA for coverage on the PC version of Assassin's Creed has obviously been lifted. Stories pop up all around the world, but benchmarks of video cards and processors are rare. German site shows comparison benchmarks of multiple hardware setups, including DX9 versus DX10 under Windows Vista.

Interestingly enough, DX10 is much faster than DX9 when using low details. That is due to shader model 4 of DX10 that is very efficient in sending a lot of data to the graphics card. But if you crank up the system with max detail and anti-aliasing/anisotropic filtering, DX10 is somehow slower than DX9, especially on Radeons.

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BludoTheSmelly3764d ago

Good to know that devs are getting a better understanding of 10. This game however is not even on my buy list though.

Extreme_Coolcat3764d ago made another story with direct comparisons between DX9 XP and DX9/Dx10 Vista


TheIneffableBob3764d ago

Very surprisingly, IGN said that the controls with the MK&B are a little better than the gamepad controls. This is usually not the case with third-person action-adventure games.

Has Ubisoft finally put out a decent console-to-PC port?