Review 'to change games ratings'

The video game ratings system should be revamped to make it easier for parents and children to understand, a UK government-backed review has said.

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shadowghost7523645d ago

This is absolute rubbish, the age ratings are clear enough and are shown clearly on the front of all games (15, 16+, 18 e.t.c) if some parent is so short sighted that they fail to notice these ratings and actually look at the back of the game box to try and have a vague idea of what the game is about.

The only reason that the game ratings may be changed is due to the impending release of Grand Theft Auto IV which all-ways receives complaints from parents about the games content, but the parents bought the game for the children. I mean look at the title does that not spell something out to them? Some people are so idiotic it is unbelievable.

Now i am not condoning the sale of 18+ games to minors but when people buy them they should bother to read the packaging it is that simple.

The only people that will suffer is us and the industry from slurs by the media and possibly price increases.

The parents are at fault here, it is simple enough to read it.

The review was conducted by a psycologist who knows all brains are different so her findings are void because if one person is affected one way, everybody else will be affected differently.

"The review was carried out by psychologist Dr Tanya Byron, who has recommended a new rating for games aimed at children aged 12 plus."

Way to confuse parents even more, i thought the aim was to make it as clear as possible. The BBC are just trying to damage the games industry in any way possible. The BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification) are failing if they are trying to give a clear message to parents.

Games cost a fortune in the UK anyway. (I bought my PS3 on release day after many delays for £500 with an extra controller and 2 games al well as break down insurance for it but i tradeded in my PS2 and a stack of games to get it at that price) That £500 is around $1000 when converted to US dollars and games cost $100 (£50 each). It is a joke!

Commando473645d ago

No they are not, its apparently the damn politicians and media who are, honestly its right there on the cover you retards.

What more do you need? A tattoo on your ass saying the rating for the game?

shadowghost7523645d ago

i agree the politicions in the UK do not know what they are talking about when it comes to games they like to be potrayed in the media as making a difference.

When they are not

Commando473645d ago

They asked a TV personality to do the report...thats like asking Super Nanny to lead the legislation for more time outs in kindergartens.

Plus another thing to consider is that this is a government report, i would rather have had an independent study that one that is fully supported by that crock review board known as the BBFC.

riksweeney3645d ago

This is what will happen on April 29th:

Kid will walk up to the counter with a copy of GTA IV and a wad of cash. The guy behind the counter will say

"Sorry, I can't sell that to you, you're too young"

The kid will then turn around a yell


Mother will come over and buy the game for the kid.