E3: Japan Sticks Up For Consumer Rights While Microsoft Tries To End Them

In this visit to The Basement, we discuss E3 and how Sony and Nintendo stood up for consumer rights.

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Donnieboi1981d ago

I said this a while ago, but I think it's more appropriate here:

This is what happens when a major American company who never cared about games (MS), joins the console wars. They just throw money around, but never actual do anything FOR gaming as a whole. If Apple or Google join the console wars, kiss hardcore gaming goodbye, and say hello to DRM and bro-dude, NFL, casual excercise games, and padded (or even sabotaged) game coverage and game reviews (look at Polygons troll review of The Last of Us...some coincidence, considering that MS paid for Polygon's existence as a site).

I hate the day these greedy American fat-cats stepped in and ruined conventional gaming. Nothing is purely art anymore. Everything is ruined: Radio (dj's paid to spin garbage records), Music industry in general (everything is pop hooks, loops and synths), television (reality tv crap is now 90% of all new programming), and now gaming.

Boycott this crap! And spend your money on quality. Good thing Sony is supporting Indies (while MS's DRM-Box supports what greedy western companies like EA and Activision want).

But if you don't ACTUALLY spend your money on the right things, then you will see the death of many of our favorite art forms in the west. Especially the death of hardcore gaming.

DragonKnight1981d ago

I actually saw your original comment and I agree completely. Thing is, this is nothing new from Microsoft. They've always been anti-competition, total control types from the very beginning. What else can you expect from a company whose greatest accomplishments are the theft of others' greatest accomplishments?